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Sanitary Kit Must-Have!

Sanitary travel kit from Watsons for P75.00
What are the sanitary stuffs that you bring whenever you go out?
Here are my sanitary must-haves:
HAND SANITIZER- Convenient hand sanitizer that protects your hands from germs without water anytime & anywhere.
TOILET SEAT SANITIZER-Ideal for sanitizing disinfecting toilet seats (specially on dirty PUBLIC TOILETS!)
INSECT SPRAY- Helps to repel unwanted mosquito. Who would like to have Dengue? Well, I don't!
TISSUE-Cleaning and drying wet surfaces.
ADHESIVE BANDANGES -Basic First Aid for simple wounds or cuts.
Additional things that I bring whenever I go out that is not included on the photo above: ( I TURNED IT INTO SOMEWHAT LIKE EMERGENCY KIT AS WELL)
-Wet wipes
-Some Bobbi pins 
-Some rubber Sanrios
-Sanitary pad
-Hand Lotion
I bought this months ago, I just passed by at Watsons on SM Dasma and randomly saw this item and immediately bought it . Before I had these, I just have a zippered case containing my alcohol, tissues and etc. Having pink pouch as my sanitary kit is cuterrrr in my opinion. 
Thank you for your time reading my uber short post. Ciao!

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