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Persunmall Wishlist

I can never leave without any bag, purse or a clutch.
Where would I put all my makeup and stuff?
Knowing me I carry a lot---talk about my phone, ipad, chargers, umbrella plus
my handy dandy miscellaneous sanitizers, lotion, perfume and many more actually!
Everytime I look into an online shop I always drop by the bag section.
And here's what I found in Persun Mall site.

Suede Stitching Rivet Handbag/Shoulder Bag $59.99

Cartoon Hand Painted Tassels Bag $91.99

Special Design PU Bag $87.99

Crocodile Vein Tassel Stud Details Tote Bag Red $159.99

How do you like my picks?
Check out their site for even more enticing accessories and clothes!

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