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Electric Nails: Trying out something new!

Hello lovelies!
My apologies for bombarding you lately with a lot of nail-related posts.
I'm afraid I will not be able to do this when my hospital training starts which is on the 10th of this month.
So yeah...I'll enjoy my square nails first before I trim them (huhu).

Photos taken without flash:

Photo taken with flash:

I'm currently practicing on NAIL ART STAMPING and I'm trying to figure out which color would suit best for this summer season. Upon stumbling into my nail polishes, one lacquer  instantly caught my attention...

I'm not a fan of yellow nail polishes...BEFORE!
For some reasons to me it looked too bright or I feel that it would not be flattering on my hands and as if  I have jaundice LOL!

But all of that was BEFORE I gotta try out this Revlon Top Speed in Electric.

I was also inspired by Christine of xteeener, one of my fave beauty guru in YouTube on trying out this yellow nail polishes. I saw a video of her long months ago having her nails painted on yellow (which I forgot what was that particular brand) but nonetheless it looked good on her. And oh btw, I didn't bought this mind you, click HERE for the rest of the story. And in addition, as far as I know, yellow was the Imperial color of Ancient China. They also have a Chinese saying, that yellow generates Yin and Yang, implying that the color is the center of everything. (Oha oha! saaaaaaay my dear it's a lucky color pala! Kala mo pang hepatitis lang noh?! *wrong buzz sound*)

Apparently I had no reasons why not give this baby a try. I'm looking for a summer-ish nail color and yellow is a perfect color (IMO) to paint on.

Based on my experience:
-This was way definitely more opaque than the Revlon Sheer Cotton, texture is more creamy than liquidy
-It's a warm yellow with subtle shimmers (which are less likely to be seen on nails than on the bottle)
- This was a little streaky so I used more or less 3 coats to have an even and full coverage
-I find this particular yellow polish wearable and not as a shocking as what I initially though it would be
-Dries quickly but in a workable way
-Don't know yet if it chips easily or what but for sure I'm gonna update you regarding on that matter.
-Make sure to use a good base coat for this color and a decent top coat to finish off the look

Over all, my first yellow nail polish was quite good. My initial perception with the notorious yellow nail paints were gone. I gladly tried to add more to this color by adding a green nail art floral design and here's what I came up with...

Does yellow nail polish suits my hand or what? O.o

Have you tried painting your nails with yellow?

Let me know your thoughts. I'd be glad to know them!



  1. I love yellow Jannah! :) But I think I'd sport a much muted shade. hehe. planning to get another manicure this week too!

    1. I wanna try pastel colors next time! :)

  2. It looks good on you, especially with the green stamps. I have a nail stamper but I don't think it's a very good one.

    1. Thanks sis! Where are those from? It's not stamping well?

  3. I like yellow because it's bright plus it really stands out. However, when I remove it, the yellow color remains. :( After that, I always remember to use a base color first. :D I'm also into nail art recently. :D


    1. Yup, base coat is indeed a necessity! BTW, your nail arts are good dear! Keep it up! I like the domo and elmo designs haha :)

    2. Awwww. Thank you! :) I'm still a noob though. Thank you so much for following! :)


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