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NUDE NAILS: Revlon Top Speed in Sheer Cotton

Looking for a perfect nude nail polish for ages?
Need a classic-looking pale nails?
Tryin' to stay away from bright color this season?

If YES, then prolly you might like this Revlon Top Speed in Sheer Cotton!
It's an off white, pearlized light pinkish nude, just perfect (natural looking) nude in my opinion.

*with flash*

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*Product Review*
Revlon Top Speed in Sheer Cotton

-Dries fast (not in the annoying way that you couldn't work with it)
- 3 big toxic chemicals (Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene) free
-Color is very unique, I've been searching for this in ages! 'coz the nudes I tried before was tad darker than this
-Available locally

-More watery or liquid-y in formula
-It's extremely sheer as you can tell by the photo below. Achieved a decent opaque color after 3 layers in my experience.
First coat
Kindly excuse the tapes along the side. That's the technique I used for this type of formula. I find the formula different from the other Revlon Top Speed that I've tried. It's quite messy to work with layers specially if you're little clumsy like I am LOL.


Final Verdict:
I initially thought this formula isn't gonna work for me but hey!
I didn't give up! Yeah yeah! Loving my nude nails now.

Recommended for those:
-Into classic, professional looking pale polishes.
-Who are willing to bear with the extreme watery sheer formula. Haha!

Let me know if you liked it or you have any recommendations.
I highly appreciate your thoughts and input.

It's good to have clean and beautiful face, hand and body but it's always better to maintain the purity of our soul.

Thank you so much for reading my post!
Have a great day!



  1. Hi there, Ms. Jannah. I so love your nails. I hope I have them! Haha! :) Followed your blog! Hope you could check out my blog as well. Thanks! :)



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