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Too faced: Better than sex mascara

One day I had this Filipina customer who was looking for this particular mascara, 
who by the way is now my good friend. (Hi Ate Rhea!)

She told me she likes it so much and actually wanted a full size of it.
 I introduced her to other brands but she still wanted this one from Too Faced.
And so I thought this must be really something good.
I searched for it when I got home and purchased one the following day.

Well the name seems to be  like those of  Nars blushes right? lmao!
The packaging is decent, mix of fancy typical too faced product with hint of professionalism not over whelming cuteness if I would be asked.
The box says all the detail you might wanna know.
It claims to be a volumizing and lengthening mascara.

The spoolie is an hour glass shaped brush.

Everything in the packaging is pretty much self explanatory.
Let me just show you the effect it gave on my lashes.
Here's how it looks like on my upper lashes alone.

In comparison, left with the Better than sex mascara 
and right eye without any mascara on and just my bare lashes.

Below is with the mascara on bottom  lashes.

Ang again in comparison with my natural lashes.


* Absolutely volumizes my lashes. No doubt on that.
*It's really black.
* It lengthens without really clumping specially towards the end of the lashes.
*Looks like false eye lashes already.
*Comes in a travel size in a very inexpensive value of just $10.00 only.

*Bears down my lashes big time.

*Curl first prior to application. No matter how I tried to curl it after application even just one coat, it does not really curl at all.
*Best to use with lashes even the natural thin looking ones would look fabulous!

Overall, I love it given that I would curl it first prior to application.
What do you think about it? Seems like a good deal for $10.00 right?

Jannah Marie

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