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Benefit Cosmetics "Hello Flawless" !

Ever since I started working here in a mall's cosmetics department, it has always been a delightful opportunity to browse all prestige brands we carry, swatch different shades, compare brands and most of all being updated on what's hot and new items on the floor.

So last June, I wanted a face powder suited for Hawaii's crazy hot weather. 
More over, I went a tad darker than I am before. Products that I carried with me from the Philippines are either one or two shades lighter than my skin color right now. I figured I needed a new face product to try on. Then it so happened that a makeup artist from Benefit cosmetics is a Filipina. (Hi Ella!)
And so I am sold!

Here are some photos of the powder that I am using for the past few months.
Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover-up
Front packaging of the compact powder

Back cover


-Packaging is sturdy and compact. It has a separate bottom compartment for sponge and brush which I find very neat and  hygienic.
-The sponge it comes with for heavier coverage and a brush for sheer finish are both good quality tools.
-Blends easily and gives a silky matte finish
-No break-outs after a month of use
-No need for touch-ups in my case since I don't have oily skin. However, take into consideration that I use bb cream or sometimes face primer as base and I stay mostly in an air-conditioned area.
-It's light weight and gives a nice medium to heavy coverage since I love using the sponge. It could cover dark circles and redness around my nose area.

-It doesn't come with SPF which I just latter realized. I am loving the light weight yet with good coverage effect that it gives so I stick with it anyway. There liquid foundation comes an SPF though.
-Comes out a little powdery whenever I use the brush so I rather use the sponge plus I get the instant nice coverage I wanted on my dark eye circles haha!

-Got mine for $29.00 from the military exchange.
-Mall prices are $34.00 each.

Overall, I definitely recommend this.
It leaves my skin looking radiant and flawless that lasts throughout the day!
I am so loving Benefit cosmetics now! Love their fancy packaging and good quality products.
Well wonder no more why it’s such a good quality make up, Benefit Cosmetics is a sister company to Louis Vuitton, but not part of it. They are owned by the same parent company.

Thanks for reading!
Have you tried this powder already?
Oh, I love their primer and tints btw.
Watch out for upcoming reviews of the following soon!


Jannah <3

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