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Facial treatment trauma? Worry no more with Dentaderm clinic's Exuviance treatments!

Are you afraid of facial treatments? If your answer is yes then you must definitely read the rest of my story. To tell you honestly, I was once afraid of facial treatments like you. My fear came from horrible results and shared experiences of my friends. It was painful and caused them more acne. Fortunately, my first facial experience proved me wrong.

Today, I would like to enlighten my readers about an experience which changed my view regarding facials. As a makeup enthusiast, I love to wear makeup and get to try varieties. Also, exposing my skin to the inferno sun as I go out. As a result, my skin gets clogged up with impurities such as blackheads and whiteheads. Facial treatments are advised to remove existing skin impurities together with daily maintenance of proper skin care.

I went to Trinoma Mall early this month and decided to have my skin pampered at Dentaderm Clinic. After completing the necessary patients' forms and done with the initial consultation, I was suggested to undergo "Vibrance Facial" under using Exuviance facial treatments. It is a deep-cleansing facial for all skin types which will refresh, exfoliate and hydrate, as well as protect the skin with antioxidants. While, my companion was recommended with "Clarifying Facial Treatment". It is a facial therapy advised for oily, acne-prone blemished skin. Oh, I also noticed their ongoing dental and derma promos.
Photo credits: DENTADERM CLINIC's Facebook Fan Page

Here's my opinion about my first facial treatment...

  • Dentaderm offers wide services not only for skin pampering but also for dental services. Great combination I reckon.
  • Trusted physicians are available to render services along with trained aestheticians and facialists.

  • First, I got to say that no traumatic experience happened to me--phew! I even waited long two weeks to fairly see accurate results. My pores did not opened (which some of my friends use to say), my impurities were minimized (specially on the nose area) and my skin in general got brighter and revitalized! I am satisfied with the effect of the facial treatment on my face.
  • The facialists (Ms. Chona and Ms. Cess) were both really light handed and skilled on their profession. Ate Chona as I asked her working experience was already working there for numerous years already. Imagine she was even requested by a known director of a huge entertainment company. Hey mind you, I saw two known directors in few hours of stay at the clinic. I guess they have more known personalities as their clients in Mother Ignacia, QC branch. Ate Cess who is polite and pretty at the same time was also highly requested by the clients. They really know how to establish rapport to clients. I also commend them for going extra mile on pampering us with very relaxing head, shoulders and arm massage. I have also observed that their facialists explain what are the products and steps along with its purpose prior to execution. Which to me is really helpful to relieve anxiety and fear of causing skin breakouts after facial treatments. They seem to be very oriented and professional which I recommend.
  • There were four (4) beds in total for facial treatments and I also noted a private room available inside. The clinic is a little narrow so dental patients need to pass by the facial area to get by to their dentist. The ambiance was dim and  relaxing with the soft music playing on the background. Individual lighting were provided per client.

  • I really like the products they used on me. I love how gentle yet effective they are! From cleanser to toner they all smell very sweet and fragrant to me. No pungent chemical smell at all! All products used on us were from Exuviance skin care. Exuviance skin care products have been a trusted brand in the beauty industry for over a decade but it is only Dentaderm Clinic (as far as I know) was the first to release and use the name of the brand itself here in the Philippines. 
  • I also love the fact that I went out of the clinic after an hour of session without any red marks nor impeding breakout on my bare face! Here are some shots below. Kindly excuse my chapped lips.

I liked the Exuviance Eye Gel they used on me! Look!

  • Over all, I am pleased with the procedure and results of Exuviance Vibrance Facial treatment done on me! I am recommending to my readers and friends to try their service! While, I am going to leave you with a video of  "Clarifying Facial Treatment". 
What's your facial treatment story? SPILL! Comment down below :)

Level 1 TriNoma Quezon City
141 Mother Ignacia st Quezon City
(02) 916 6095; (0922) 812 3138; (0905) 575 1001



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