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Get to read my craft and getting rid of some crap

      Get a glimpse of my current beauty related stuff plus how it helps me to get over some sort of sadness, boredness or stress. No need to splurge! Seriously, you just have to simply do what you like whenever you feel sad. Do what makes you happy! Do what interests you most when you are bored. And avoid stressing yourself over simple matters.

Warning: This post is actually kinda random lol!
 *Doing Miley's tongue out*

  1. Painting nail arts

Are you the type of a person that needs to walk in a salon in order for your nails to be done? Or you prefer to do it on your own? I am the latter type. For some reasons I enjoy spending time, no matter how busy I am, on doing my own nails. Just like how I feel whenever I play with my makeup or type here on my blog (exactly what I am doing right now haha). I always find pleasure in arts and beauty!
Do more what makes thy happy! :)
Rainbow Pixie
Starry starry night and oh my feather earrings haha!
Just tried couple of days ago the Sallie Hansen Sticker Nail Art
Who else have morton's foot? Raise your toes! :)

2. Reading Aesthetics & Beauty magazine.

Get something to read instead of something to eat whenever you feel like doing nothing. Do what interests you not what is just in there.
Aminin kapag bored naghahanap ng chips or something to chew then sit on the couch not knowing you are forever there na stocked on watching the tv series. Ang ending, couch potato na whole day 'teh? Guilty din kaya ako dyan noon haha! And so here's what I'm currently doing and I gain knowledge and more tips from it instead. 

" YOUR EXPERT GUIDE TO FEELING GREAT AND LOOKING FABULOUS!" - Exactly what a woman needs to have! :)

3. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! 

Stress is inevitable, specially for working gals. As soon as you arrive home you might prolly jump to bed and sleep or perhaps for some moms, they still  have to run some house errands at night. Being busy every single day not knowing how time flies so fast and how old looking you already are. Oh, let me just commend the wonderful beautiful moms out there for their hard work on balancing time between work, family and self, real life superwomen! And kudos to the bachelorettes who get to keep in line all their stuff, from career to family and self. And c'mon, let us not deny the fact that there are some women who opt to become "the super duper ultimate number one fan/julalay/bf addict" of their partner round the clock. Thus often losing time for herself in the process. (Yes, nalosyang in tagalog).

Well an easy yet very essential routine that women should not take for granted is to moisturize. Prevent wrinkles, restore youthful and glowing skin by using face masks at least once a week and applying facial sunscreen moisturizer daily prior to sun exposure in the morning. As they say, little steps make a big difference. :)

4. Carry a versatile purse with large internal compartment for "super daming extra belongings"

As of the moment this is the bag I'm always carrying around. It has enough space to hold all my things AT ONCE. Talk about bringing my makeup, pens, long wallet, pile of reviewers, planner, keys, camera, ipad, extra accessories that comes in handy whenever I'm already late! 

Imagine my hassle whenever I pick a smaller purse just for fashion / kikay sake! I ended up carrying loads on my left and right. Added the fact that I always tend to forgot something since my memory is too...boo nvm! Lesson learned. Wag pagpilitan dalhin ang buong bagay at wag maginarte kung di kaya umalala. Charot!!! :) Do not burden your life by complicating things. Learn to simplify.

Retro PU Leather Shoulder Bag with Kiss Lock
5. Currently loving the laid-back atmosphere

Get into the mood with music + Get motivated by inspiring quotes + Laugh by reading funny jokes = Happiness
Meet LIAM! 
Muh laid-back chocolate flats
Love my red nails here!

All credits are given to the owners of the following photo. 
Just love the quotes on it! :)

So I guess that's about it.
Hope to hear from you! Thanks for dropping by!


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