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Luminous Change Eyelashes no. 05

To me, 'yer lashes definitely complete the eye look!
Well, I am in love with long and curly lashes and soooo I had this addiction of wearing falsies.
See my collection HERE.
Hey, who said that false lashes are just worn for special occasions? Definitely NOT.
Ooops do not judge me!
Anyway, any day can be made special right? (lol I remembered this line from an ad!)
I just find doll looking eyes amazingly stunning hihi!
And if ever I'm on my lazy days, I just pile lots of coats of my volumizing and lengthening mascara.
But here comes the hassle when I'm about to remove it!
Damn those panda eyes right?
That's why I kinda prefer sticking to my false lashes then few coats of mascara after.

With that being said, here's my current favorite.
It's a gift from my good friend, Steph, when she came back from her trip to Japan. 
(Hi mami Steph!Thanks again for this!)

LEFT EYE: With false lashes
RIGHT EYE: without
OMG What happened to my eye? I don't know either.  -.-

-You'll get 3 pairs which is more than the other brand that 
normally contain 2 pairs each from Japanese brand.
- Clear band that makes it look more natural. Furthermore, it is actually light weight
and easy to glue (I'm using Lashgrip adhesive)
-I find it also to remove
-It doesn't poke my eyes and does not feel like I'm wearing false lashes at all
-I like the style that volumizes towards the tail
-It has a dolly effect
-I like that it's already curled and does not look odd with my natural lashes

-Not locally available

Still not sure about it's retail price.
Please do comment below if you have already tried this brand and feel free to share your opinion.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you'd be inspired to try something new
like...wearing false eyelashes perhaps haha
I swear it does make a difference.
It can actually change your eye shape too.
No harm on trying! At least you would get to know what suits you best and
what makes you look more beautiful and comfortable.



  1. Falsies are for whenever! It's definitely better than coats of mascara because eventually your lashes will start to ~fall~.

    I love the natural look to those! *___*

    1. Falsies are for whenever!
      -I just love that line!!! Totally agree on these! :)

  2. I love Asian brand's falsies! But mostly I couldn't use lol :D


Thanks for commenting! :)