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DRESS V: Bridesmaids' Long Dresses

       Having a perfect wedding gown now? Well let me tell you dear, it is not the end yet. Time to pick the best dress for your bridesmaid! Being her best girl friend, avoid stressing her by choosing a dress that would best fit her style, body type and skin color appropriately.

       Being soul sisters, most likely, you know her style and preference. Just incorporate it with the theme of the wedding, should it be formal, garden or in beach. Whether she likes to keep her look plain and simple or she's quite keen to details such as laces and embroideries. DressV.com is an online store that may appeal best to different personalities of your bridesmaids.  

       Another thing to consider is that women have different body types. Your bridesmaid would be more gorgeous if the type and cut of her dress suits her body type. Let her reveal her assets and look flauntingly amazing in your wedding day. 
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        This might not be much of a problem when your bridesmaid has an hourglass figure as her curves would just naturally hug any dress beautifully. With proportioned measurement of chest, hips and waist, a mermaid dress would definitely make her look even stunning. She would even look good on waist hugging dresses and sweetheart necklines.

     However, if her figure is an inverted triangle, it is best to balance the look by giving focus on the lower portion of the dress. Perhaps a ball gown with a simple upper detail. Having a sweetheart neckline and a straight flowing bottom.

      For rectangle body types, draw attention on chest by adding details or have an empire cut style. It's also suggested to add waistline embellishments to create an illusion of curve such as belts or detailing pattern that breaks the straight body figure on waist.

     While triangle or pear shaped girl friends would look their best on a dress with simple and light weight bottom as they already have bulk on that area. Having upper details would balance the look such as plunging necklines or shoulder embellishments and A-line cuts.

     Diamond shaped girl friends would best suit an empire or basque waistline. They have fuller waist and smaller chest and hips. Let them stay away from fitted belts to avoid unpleasing bulges.

      For oval body shaped bridesmaid, whom often wants to be covered to hide excessive weight. However, showing a little bit of skin and just by merely using slimming tricks on dress styles.

        Whenever you decide for the color of your bridesmaid's gown, it is important to definitely consider the theme of your wedding. Next is to determine your pal's skin undertone. Knowing this would help you match the dress color very well with her. Be considerate to understand that your favorite color might not work out well on others and so as to your best girl friend. Nothing to worry if you are of the same skin color, similar tone and same exact color preference! Well, if she has a cool skin tone then blue, purple, pinks would be perfect for her. Now if she is more of a warmer skin tone then try to work on colors like yellow, orange or gold. Lucky if your bridesmaid is of neutral undertone as she would look good on any color.

       Did any of that help? Hopefully now you have a better idea of which dress is going to flatter your bridesmaid body type and color! Do not stress yourself looking at limited options because Dress V is an online store which carries plenty of dresses to choose from. Take my advice and expect your loyal girl friend to be a gorgeous bridesmaid that will happily assist and celebrate with you on your wedding day as a bride.

Here is the link where you can find Dress V: http://www.dressv.com/long-bridesmaid-dresses-c103396/

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