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Food Trip in CAVITE

I like to eat. Well not a  really a lot...
But...Alright, lemme stop there (lol!). K, fine. I like to eat a lot.
But not to the extent that I become greedy c'mon! haha (Am I being defensive or what? : p)
Nah I don't wanna deny that fact that I love food! Hihi *wink wink* 
C'mon let us all get real! I love going on food trips! 

Which is why I wanted to share some places here in Cavite wherein you can dig in!
Who knows, we might have bumped into each other already right?

Anyway,  being raised in Cavite,  I have personally seen numerous restaurants evolved 
from just a kiosk then into small canteen to a starting restaurant. 
Being a regular customer (suki) , I am happy and proud to witness such success.  
(mudra? Stage mom ang peg? haha!)
And of course let us not neglect the numerous food options inside the malls and shopping centers!
Note that the order of the following does not mean anything. It's all just food random okay.
Besides, this is not going to be thorough. More of sharing food randomness yikes!
I want it to be like "I'm in Cavite, so what can we have in here."
Geez, as I'm typing this I bet this is going to be loooong post rather than thorough as I want it to be a complete list in a single entry. (maipilit ko lang ryt? haha!)

Alright, so lemme start with my favorite...the MILK TEAS!

OCHADO at SM Dasma Lower Ground Floor with their best barista, Alona! :)


Just recently opened in SM DASMA located at the lower G/F Carpark Annex Bldg.

BON APPETEA at Dasma, Cavite

I initially saw this when I was about to get some school records at De La Salle Health Sciences Institute. It's just somewhat across CERTZ' which happens to be a nice canteen having a sort of catering style (if you get what I mean). Until then I happen to drop by whenever I wanted a wintermelon milk tea in particular before going straight home.

Milk teas in large sizes generally costs around Php 90.00 to Php 120.00. 
I personally recommend trying Wintermelon and Okinawa flavors plus rock salt and cheese or sometimes they prefer to name it as cheese foam or other similar terms but it's actually just the same lol.
 Like brands are just trying to be different from the other but they're merely the same ingredients and taste.
However, if you want something more chocolate-y, try the Dark Cocoas instead. 

And oh, there are a lot more great beverage stores in Cavite which I love to visit from time to time aside from the mentioned above such as 

DAKASI in  2nd floor of The District, Imus, Cavite, PROSPERITEA located at IMUS Highway and HEALTHY GROUNDS near by Robinsons Imus.
I'll try to get some pictures after revisiting them to update you guys here okie dokie? Oh, Healthy Grounds offer variety such as frizz, pastas and even rice. Prosperitea closes at 11pm while Healthy Grounds are still open even at 12 midnight. Hehe :)
                 Chicken and Beer Nachos and Wings               &            Conti's Mango Bravo
                         DAKASI  milk tea                                                &           Prosperitea and sylvannas
          Chicken and Beer  Fries                                      &          Korean Spicy Pork

Now if you want to light meals or let's just say coffee or snacks.
The District in Imus, Cavite has a lot to offer! 

Who doesn't want J.Co Donuts right?

Isn't it pretty obvious that my faves are OREOLOGY and BLUEBERRY MORE? 
For just Php 42.00 per donut, Php 230.00 per half dozen, Php 350.00 per dozen 
and Php 550.00 per 2 dozens, the donuts are definitely hit!
This is such a sweet "pasalubong" to kids and even adults like...errr...am I about to say me? LOL! NO! :p
I even ate more of this than fruits when I was confined in the hospital. Ohaaaa!
Say pasaway right??? My rationale: Glucose po! Hahaha!
Oh, I'd just like to squeeze in my friends who visited me then hihi :)

Oh, another favorite snack of mine. (Andaming fave e noh? 'Yung totoo Jannah Marie haha!)

PIZZA HUT!I don't know about you but I like Pizza Hut Super supreme with cheese stuff crust.

Well yeah, Yellow Cab's New York Finest would do 
or Sbarro's supreme stuff or New York style Supreme would be okay.
And hey, if you'll eat alone and on budget. I highly recommend trying Pizza hut's new combo meal.

Actual photo of cream of mushroom with baked puff pastry. 
Oh dava seems not part of just Php 129.00 order!

There's also Starbucks just below the J.Co if you prefer cakes than donuts.
Well I like cheesecakes a lot. Like really a lot lot lot loooooooot. Well those are just mine booyeah!

And hey! If you happen to love Max's restaurant, there's a big one here in Salitran, Cavite. 

It's just along the stretch of Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. There are also branches in SM Dasma and Bacoor.
 I do love their food but what I wanted to recommend are their cakes and pastries. 
Most particularly their BLACK FOREST cake and caramel bar.
It's not too sweet and you wouldn't get that "umay" feeling I swear!

Well if you're in a more provincial area like Silang, Cavite. I doubt if there's JCo and Pizza Hut there not unless you drive to Tagaytay. I happen to know that since I went into highschool there in Rogationist College and still going to Pink sisters to pray. However, what I recommend worth going for in the town are:

OJISAN is another great try found in Silang Town Proper (Bayan) if you want to eat JAPANESE RAMEN and KOROKE! It's very much affordable. However, do not expect a great ambience tho they had just recently expanded.

LZM Restaurant along the highway of Silang,Cavite. I believe it is the original one while their other branch is located in Magallanes square, Tagaytay already. They're known for their specialty in Bulalo. I have seen a lot of photos of known personalities posted on their wall.

Another worth mentioning is BALINSASAYAW RESTAURANT in Silang. They have nippa huts per set of guests which is recommendable for privacy of small groups such as family or friends. Bilao packages are also on the menu for affordable budget! Oh, the nilasing na hipon is so yummy! Keber sa allergy! So if I were you always bring an anti-histamine!

For other heavy meals you can opt to drive off your way to Tagaytay 
or go down to Imus, Cavite and try to look for

DINER SOFT. It is just adjacent to Pillar Hospital, Tamsui Road, Bayan Luma II in Imus. Greatly known for their Crispy Pata and Baby back ribs! It was just recently that they renovated the resto and expanded their menu including now frappes and variety of Pinoy dishes. You may notice I've already blogged about them before which you can found HERE. Parking is quite a hassle specially when government convoys of car are there 'coz even politicians love their food!

If you want KOREAN FOOD, there are numerous in Silang and a bunch in Dasma. I've tried a few specifically in Silang, Dasma and General Trias, Cavite

And all I can say by far the 

JUOL KYEO CHAT GI Korean Restaurant in Dasma, Cavite is the best. See my previous post HERE.

If you want buffet then Ced'z  Restaurant is a way to go. See my previous post HERE.

But honestly, hello! If you want real buffet there's Cavitex and stop by MOA where Vikings, Buffet101 or Yakimix are!

There's also Lolo Claro's in Trece Martires, somewhat like a cheaper version of Max's! Seriously it's fraction of Max's price! Do not expect a nice ambiance tho but the food is as great promise! :)

And of course, again, malls have a lot to offer. Like for example SM Dasma carries
Flavours of China, Aristocrat, Kenny Rogers and 
Classic Savory. 

If you have a sweet tooth like I do, then better check out


So overall there's actually numerous great restaurants and beverage stalls here in Cavite. 
They make my tummy soooo full and happy all the time yehey! haha! (Said that in kiddie cutie tone bleh!)
There are actually even more after which I'll post afterwards.
'Yung iba kasi more of Tagaytay and Manila na right?!
If you happen to have suggestions of yer bet and peg na kainan just feel free to comment down below!
Thanks! :)

Remember, balanced diet and exercise...
(Ano daw?)
Hahaha! Hey! I had fun making this entry. This post became sort of a personal food diary haha!
'Til next time food buddies! :)


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