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Suesh Refill Pans: Good Blush and Concealer for less!

Hi! Just wanted to quickly share what I got from Suesh in Alabang Town Center couple of days ago. I was actually there for J.Co's oreology and blueberrymore doughnuts to be specific *LOL* and then I saw Suesh once again. So being very kikay and kinda impatient at the same time, I decided to drop by Suesh while the line on J.Co Donuts is so looooong.

Title actually says it all. I got a salmon-colored concealer for my under eye and picked up a light pink blush in satin finish. So here's the concealer pan fairly priced at P100.00. Kindly correct me if I'm not mistaken on the price 'ha. Then I tried it on the next day. Not as creamy as what I prefer but pretty much okay to blend in smoothly on my dark circles. The coverage is good and did not crease on me. So far so good for a hundred peso! See my photos below.

Top-Bottom, L-R: Bare under eye, with one layer, with two layers, set with powder and applied liner and mascara
Here's their concealer display and testers. Down below are the duo  eye shadow pans.

And then here's the blush that I got. I've been crazy about pale pink blushes lately! I've seen couple more blushes and I guess that's what I'm going for next time. I like the blush although it wasn't as light as I have expected. It's more pigmented after application. It seemed to be a little different when I swatched it at the back of my hand on the store. Maybe it oxidized on my skin since I'm acidic or what. Anyway, it's still pretty and stays for decent number of hours. 

Here's my photo wearing the blush. No editing done.

The concealer and blush are good buys! Definitely recommended for just a hundred peso each. And if you're unto customizing and refilling your pans and looking for something cheap this might work for you. They also have variety for the eye shadows. I was just not too interested to pick up some. There you go lovelies! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Thanks for reading my post! Drop by once in a while to see what other kikay stuff I gotta share. Leave a comment if you have any suggestion or what. Stay safe!

FTC: Products were purchased by the blogger. All opinions are my own. I am not being paid to make this review. 

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