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Wishtrend: ENCA Acne Control BB cream

Hi lovelies!!!

Today, I'm very much excited to share with you my latest BB craze!
Hmm...Y'all know my daily face routine 'ayt?
BB cream-concealer for my under eyes-set everything with powder
And that's basically it! See my video HERE.

So lately, WISHTREND have sent me a box of goodies.
It includes a full sized ENCA Acne Control BB cream which is shown on photo below
plus additional skin care products for me to try out.

Who wouldn't love this freebies right? :)

A promising BB cream for those with troubled skin!
Look at the product details:
A-W-E-S-O-M-E right?

Additional Product Information:
Brand: Rojukiss
Oily, Trouble  Skin Type 
(As it is named, "ACNE CONTROL BB CREAM")
Volume: 50ml
Made in Korea

Product Swatch:
Notice that it doesn't have a dewy finish?
Nice right?

-I love how it is like absorbed by the skin and doesn't feel cakey at all.
-Doesn't feel like the BB cream is just on top of the skin, it feels like it really blends well on skin. Hence, it doesn't come off easily and doesn't stick on my collar haha!
-It feels super light and fresh!
-Packaging is very travel friendly and the product claims are promising.
-Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle (instead of just "wrinkle"), SPF30 -- all-in-one skin benefits.
-Fits my shade "before summer" (LOL) until now that I turned a lil' dark.
-I honestly feel tired and stressed lately but I didn't experienced any skin breakout which usually happen before. I guess this BB cream helped me on that.

~ ~ Cons ~ ~
-The smell is a little disturbing. Maybe I was expecting a sweet kind of smell just like my other BB creams.
-Not locally available and online only.

Overall, I really love this BB cream. It's not ashy, dewy and cakey. I love how it blends on my skin and the benefits it gives. I LITERALLY USE IT EVERY SINGLE DAY! I totally recommend this to everyone!

Got troubled skin?
Need a light BB cream with medium to heavy coverage?
Need one BB cream that suits all shades?
Want a moisturizer with SPF?

Oh, I also love the fact that it is not just known because of fancy packaging and promo.
It is known because of it's quality.
This is such a great BB cream to try out!
C'mon why don't you try this ladies?

Shop http: www.wishtrend.com
      Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WISHglobal
      Youtube www.youtube.com/user/WISHTrendTV

Beautiful skin.
Beautiful feeling.
Beautiful YOU 

Aja aja! ^_^

Thanks for reading my review!
'til next time!

Much love,


  1. wow, this look pretty nice! thanks for sharing ^_~

  2. I'm going to buy this now :) I hope it works with my acne, combination skin. Good that it works for you; it looks really nice~!

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