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TAG: How much is your face worth?

Hi everyone! (. ❛ ◡ ❛.)
Howdy? Hope all is well!
Since it's my free time, I decided to make this post as 
I was tagged by my fellow blogger Bing Castro.
Thanks for the tag my dear! ( ́・ω ・`)

So for my everyday makeup look. Eeeer.
 I actually dunno where to start LOL!
I am not very consistent with the products I use on daily basis,
not unless I am trying 'em out for a given period or length of time.
Hence, the list I'm about to show are probably not the exact products I'm using from day to day.
However, this are what I consider my "mostly used products" in a week.

*When I am in mood I usually wear lens, neutral eye shadow, winged eyeliner, false eyelashes,light blush and pink lips*
*During my lazy days I just usually apply BB cream (of course some or if not most of you already know I've been such a BB cream lover for over years now). Throw in a bold lip color to brighten up the entire look and I'm good to go.*

~BB cream! Ecorre' Artistry BB cream 50ml-  PHP700.00 to PHP900.00 (I'm not sure about the price sorry I forgot the exact price when I bought it. And oh, I also use Skin79 or Etude House for everyday.)
~Maybelline Concealer-  PHP 429.00
~4u2 Dream Girl: BB Powder Lovelight-PHP 194.00
~Krave Oil Eliminator Skin Hydrator- PHP 285.00
~Having a hard time to decide which blush should I type since I use couple of cheek products in a week. Hmmm...Lemme just mention the one that I guess I've been using twice or thrice a week at most -BeingTrue Mineral Blush in Peonny-$18/ PHP 748.26
~Urban Decay Naked Palette(SIN eye shadow is my current fave) and UDPP- $50/ PHP 2,078.50
~Maybelline Gel eyeliner in Black (then I set this with a black eye shadow usually the Noir from Sleek palette or the Creep from UD Naked)-PHP 450.00
~MaybellineFalsies Mascara- PHP 449.00
-Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk- PHP 150.00 (not sure about the price sorry)
~ (I use different lashes! I'll just state my current fave anyway.) Baby Queen 5 Series (5 Pairs) Stylish Upper False Eyelashes-501-$11.80 / PHP490.00
~Lens (I use different colored lenses also, I'll just state the price range okie dokie?)- PHP500.00 to PHP850.00
~Having a hard time to decide which lipstick should I consider since I switch lipstick almost every single day. Lemme just include the most affordable lippie that I recommend- Nyx Round Lipstick (either in Tear Rose, Indian Pink, Fig)-PHP150.00

I considered the minimum amount on the products with price range. 
Total amount is PHP 6623.76
Ohhhmyyyyy! Quite expensive in my opinion! To consider that I'm not yet adding the cost of my makeup tools, skin care products and to think that I just considered the lowest possible price of some products.

This definitely is an eye opener! Thanks for this beauty tag! At least it made me aware how much I need to value the things that I have. Not that I don't care about 'em because I'm actually quite picky and organized with my things but it made me appreciate more. I wouldn't bother to compute on what I use for special events and any other miscellaneous things I use on my face LOL.

 Honestly, I am already tad embarrassed of "how much my face" alone totally cost during usual/non-occasional  days. Some other people would consider the sum as just "normal"expense. While, I came to think about the other people who would rather have something to fill in their empty stomach than splurging this amount on their face products. Awww...I encourage you my dear friends to do this tag also! Remember to be genuine on your product list in order to get an accurate sum and really realize the true essence of this beauty tag. Nothing to be ashamed of if you think your total cost is lesser than what you saw with others. See the bright side instead, at least you get to save than spend more. On the other hand, if you think your cost is quite expensive then at least you (or shall I say we) are now aware and be more cautious on spending. I believe that beauty isn't measured on how you look like and how much money you spent to be considered one. It's more on how you see the beautiful side of yourself and of others.

Feel free to share or comment down below if you also made this tag or wanting to this in the future.

 I'd like to know what realization/s you came up with rather than the cost of your faces. Don't worry I have zero interest to meddle on others' financial status (keber LOL!). I'd be really glad if this made you realize "your true value" than just literally taking it as a beauty tag post of your face worth.

I'd like to thank again blogger friend Bing for tagging me!
And thank to you for reading! :)

Stay safe!

Leaving you with some of my photos.

My casual and work looks for the not-so-lazy days.
(Told you---lens/lashes/pink lips)

My kinda-lazy/no time/much stress moments. 
TIP: Just pull off a bold color ^_^
(Dunno if you see the difference LOL)


My apologies if I can't seem to reply or catch up with my online friends lately.
I've been busy like a bee! And due to stress----Here come's "A Kikay Problem!"


  1. Oh dear just stay tune at your sweetness blog, don't be stress like that cause it may influence your beauty face lol
    keep on fighting!!!

  2. hello Jannah,
    I'm not sure if you're read my previous posts, but I tagged you.

    1. yey! Thanks for the tag sis, will do it next time :)


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