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Nail Polish of the Week

Hi lovelies!

Let me share with you a quick post of my nails of the week with a touch of fun tangerine color.

Where did I got this BK cracking nail polish?
See my post HERE.

Sorry if I can't detail everything about this nail polish cause honestly it's my first time to try this.

Based on my experience, it's easy to apply. The formula is more liquid-y yet pigmented. I achieved a nice pigmented color with just one coat. The brush also works well, it's quite thin and spreads the polish conveniently.

I used first a matte white polish after my base coat, let everything dry then applied this polish over. After like a minute or two, it started to crack. This is by far the easiest nail art I've done. Just apply a good top coat to prevent chipping.

I guess this is an affordable alternative to high end cracking or shatter polishes. BTW, I'd also like to add that I like the way it cracked, it looks more of a design than a mess (if you know what I'm saying).

And that ends my short but sweet post.
Stay tuned for more of this nail series.

Have you tried this nail polish?
If so, can you please help us get into details with this brand because I just got it for free and I have no idea where to buy this or how much does it cost. Your input will help a lot. Thanks! :)



  1. I love the color you chose! It's perfect for the trends this season! :)

    1. I didn't get the chance to pick the color. It doesn't matter anyway I like it too.:)

  2. wow nice color pero hindi bagay sakin yung orange sa nails. grrr. hheehe. infairness, ang ganda ng pagkakacrack nya. check ko nga yan brand na yan :)
    btw sis, if you have time, pls join our giveaway contest. 18k worth of prizes for 3 lucky winners.
    Check this link: http://kikaysimaria.blogspot.com/2012/03/finally-summer-giveaway.html thanks!

    1. Why naman di bagay? Yup it looks like a real design/art noh sis. Let me know where u can find this naman. I already joined, I really want the prizes. :)


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