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A Dream Come True

(Originally posted on Aug 25, 2011 @ a different blog host)
After how many years of hardship finally I was able to see my name as a board passer. My deepest gratitude to all the people who helped me reach this far, without you, I will not be who I am now.
To God, thank you for all the blessings You’ve given to me, not only for my life but also for the people around me. I will do all my best to be Your instrument of love and faith along with the profession you have entrusted to me.Thank you so much.

To my loving Papa, Mama & brother, thank you for your unconditional love,support and guidance. You had always been my strength and my believers.I’m always happy to see so you proud of me.This is all for you.The youngest & the only daughter in our family will now start to venture into the world of nursing profession. I want to give back as much as what you have given to me, even more I hope. You would never see yourself in shelters for the aged.I will be the one to take care of you just like how you took care of me. (Aiyee Mamsy don’t cry!wahaha).Love love♥

To my bhebhe, you had always been there for me, helping me through my busy school days until this precious day of my life, through “thick and thin”(literal din na payat-taba sa kakakain nating 2 hahaha).Thank you for praying the rosary with me via skype (wherein right after our rosary I got this good news). Thank you for your love and support no matter the distance and time difference between us. You’ve taught me how to keep my feet on the ground,swallow my pride,learn to trust on other people and etc.You’re not only a good boyfriend but also my best friend(malamang dun tau nagsimula hahaha).Thank you for including me in your future plans, for choosing to join navy just to get your citizenship earlier.One day, you will make it too. I believe in you. I'm always here to support you as well. Love love♥

To all my teachers who taught me how to become a responsible person (pero minsan tamad, I admit haha), thank you so much for imparting your knowledge to us. I only entered three schools in my whole life, the schools that contributed a lot in molding me as a person: MMAGS(elem), RC(hs), DLSI-HSI(bsn).
To all my friends from elementary to college, specially those who are close and dearest to my heart. I want to say “thank you” for accepting me as your friend. Specially those who seek for my advises and are always sweet to me: Elementary (my batchmates), my HS friends (MATEO), my college fellas (from BSN17-27 FOUREVERZ & ORIGZ & FDC down to BSN28 KAPATIDS to BSN37-4 CHINGGUS,PALOS RLE MATES,37A) & Bryan’s friends who eventually became my friends too. I’m so happy to read that some of us are already RT,RN and other non-medical field professionals. CONGRATULATIONS! I hope to hear more good news from you guys!Keep in touch!
As I start this new chapter of my life (drama ?keme lang!) , May you ALL still be with me because I will never be where I am if I never had a chance to meet each one of you. Please stay with me as I learn mooooooore things in life.THANK YOU SO MUCH!
(Ay!meron pa)Of course to PRC and BON!Thank you for typing my name wahaha! NURSE ENTREPRENEUR was one of the highlights on the NLE that I took. You know how passionate I am when it comes to business and related stuffs. Being a small time online seller during my college days was kinda helpful.
P.S. If you want to enhance your faith, please take time to visit these churches: Monasteryo ni Sta. Clara de Assisi in Katipunan and offer her eggs, Pink Sisters in Tagaytay, St. Jude Thaddeus in Trece during Thursdays, St. John Baptist De La Salle in UMC, St. Francis of Assisi in Dasma and take time to pray the rosary. If you want a copy of miraculous novena just pm me. I believe they are the ones who helped me.
Sorry this was quite a long random note. I just want to share how grateful I am to each one of you. Thank you so much♥

-Jannah Marie J. Lopez, RN
(Hopefully MSN & MAN to follow!!!...still considering entering a Med school for new aim, MD?LOL, I don’t know let’s see if sisipagin)
-I posted this first on my fb and then decided to post it here too:)
-I'm going to do a blog about tips on getting board exam and share some of my personal experience :)

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