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My Favorite Neutral Eye shadows and Swatches

I'm such a huge fan of neutral colors when it comes to eye shadows. I just feel like I can't get enough of them.I love mostly taupe colors and likes. It's either I'm not wearing any eye color or just neutral shadows for everyday makeup look. Rare to see me wearing bright eye makeup color. For some reasons, I just feel more classy and sophisticated with neutral colors than wearing fun colors. Nothing against fun bright colors okay. Please don't get me wrong.They're actually fun and bold but I'm just not too comfortable wearing those everyday specially in public, most particularly in hospital then I'm wearing my white duty uniform (C'mon, if you were the patient you would opt to entrust yourself with a professional looking nurse right?). If my everyday work happens to be in malls, resorts or any other areas where creativity and fun colors are more delightful to see, or perhaps I'd change my perception when I'll have straight off days. I can take a break on a beach resort or maybe just a private pool, shall then can I experiment on different bright makeup looks which are perfect for summer. But as of the moment, neutral eye shadows are my best friend.

Urban Decay is by far my favorite brand for eye shadows. They're very pigmented, finely-milled, not so chalky and definitely they last all day. They're not the typical shadows that fades making eyes look like punched or  raccoon-like at the end of the day.

**My favorite eye lid colors of the moment from Urban Decay**
( Sometimes I use them as stand alone eye shadows or just simply an over all lid color.)

From Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette...
1. Midnight 15 (Heart this color muchie!)
2. Flow (A tad warmer than Midnight 15, love this too!)
3. Chase
1. Midnight 15                                                      2. Flow                                                       3. Chase

 From Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette...
1. Sin (I just love this so much!)
2. Sidecar (I just have the fall outs from this)
3. Toasted
4. Hustle
Latter two are my picks whenever I feel that my face is so dull. Using a slightly darker shadow makes my eye look more awake than just my almost near skin tone colors. I just make sure to keep them to a minimum and not really a smokey eye look at all.

        1. Sin                                   2. Sidecar                                  3. Toasted                          4. Hustle

I also like these two matte shadows Naked and Buck for blending and nose contouring.

**My favorite crease or outer V colors of the moment from Urban Decay** 
I use this shadows whenever I feel like adding depth to my eyes, not necessarily for smokey eye.

From Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette
1. Deeper
2. M.I.A.
 From Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette
3. Smog
4. DarkHorse
5. Twice Baked

1. Deeper 2. M.I.A. 3. Smog 4. DarkHorse 5. Twice Baked

**Random colorful eye shadows from Urban Decay that I can perhaps play on summer **
Half Baked
-This is initially one of my fave but I currently find it warmer to my liking. This would be great for a golden glow look this summer.

Tainted, Omen and Deep End are obviously fun and bright eye shadow colors. I also like their quality and texture.
         HALF BAKED              TAINTED                  OMEN                DEEP END

**My favorite neutral eye shadow colors of the moment from other brands**

Sleek Nude Palette
See swatches here:

Sigma Flare Palette
My fave matte skin tone eye shadow

ELF Eye shadow Palette


88pc matte palette
(I like most the skin tone colors, matte taupes and the warm brown which I am using for contouring)

88pc metal mania palette
(I like the selection of neutrals here. I don't care much about the pinks and peaches lately but it's always good to have an option. I also like the quality of this than the other palette, it's more pigmented and less powdery.)

Btw, I also have a 42 Double Stack palettebut it's too shimmery for everyday use.

Are you a neutral eye shadow person too?
Do you prefer warm or cool tone neutrals?

Thank you so much for reading my post.


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