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Haul: Accessories from Jannie of Jannieology

Last Sunday, February 5, I received an LBC package coming from
I won her giveaway which is found HERE and
winner was announced HERE.

Here's the awesome prizes that I got:


Kudos to LBC! They deliver  even on Sundays!
Just covered my address that's why there's my hankie on the top.

I like all of them!
I love wearing hell-a-lot-of-stuff! 
I like to collect everything from makeup, hair accessories, necklaces, rings, bangles, watch, shoes, clothes...Foods LOL! JK! :p
I mean, I'm a typical type of girl who loves to express myself thru what I wear and what I look like.

My faves among them are:
-The owl-feather-heart necklace
-The piled choker
-The heart key connector rings


BTW, Jannie also has a YouTube account where she makes tutorials, hauls and random stuffs.
It means so much if you'll subscribe to her channel.

I'd like to share something. more personal to you...
This January, I won not only Jannie's giveaway, I won a total of 3 giveaways.
That is really overwhelming and unexpected.
I guess I'm such a lucky girl.
Did my parents' Feng Shui chorvaness and the amulets that random people gave me really worked?
LOL! Really, even our ex-househelper (sige old househelper nalang, LOL at 'EX') 
gave me one cause she said she liked me daw. Basta 'yun..

But one thing is for sure...I am very, very, very grateful...
I am thankful to God for all the graces I am receiving; To the generous people and of course to those who keeps on supporting my YouTube and Blog. 

When I first made my blog and YouTube back on Aug 2011, all I wanted was to make chikka or friends with others who had the same passion as mine. I didn't expect that I will be able to grow as what I have become now ( In reference to maturity, not the height LOL. I am really petite!) Also, filming videos and typing my reviews made the time fly faster for me (It helped me to adjust with long distance relationship, I'd rather film and blog than to look for other guys out there just to get over with my sadness and boredom. I'm not that kind of girl.) For me, this is more of a passion, fun and enjoyment on meeting new friends. Again, I'd like to reiterate that quality of the friends, viewers and readers is more important to me than the quantity. 
I am happy to have over 5 Humbers (Gay Lingo for 500/ Five Hundred) YouTube subscribers and more than 2 Humbers (200) readers already. I know that's not a huge number but the messages of supports and concerns with sincerity are what makes me feel so blessed.

BTW, Sorry for being MIA lately, I've been busy with my work and Bryan (my LDR bf who came home to P.I. last Jan 20 and will leave on March 1, so I'd like to spend quality time together).

 And in addition to my randomness, I'd like to greet some people. Hello to my loving, sweet, kikay, cool, hot (CHOS! JOKE!) Mamsy (mother, mudra, mama, inay, nanay whatever word you know but we call her MAMSY), my brother's kikay friends, and of course my own truelaloo beki friends in personal life, my best friends, duty mates, batch mates and schoolmates before and to Bryan ( cause I know you check all of my links bhe bhe LOL), my mom's friends (Hi Titas!) and to my constant chikka online friends. Hello! Holla! Hi! :D

Okay this post is getting so long already.
Need to stop blabbing now LOL.

Thank you so much for reading my gratitude message and winnings from Jannie plus
my random sharing!

Let me know your thoughts as well! Mind to comment it down below?



  1. The accesories are all beautiful! congrats! More blessings to come! Have a nice day!


Thanks for commenting! :)