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Do you have broken lipsticks? Personally, I am really pissed when my lipstick gets broken either because of our very hot weather that it melted or I pushed too hard causing it to be damaged. Whatever the reason, the point is, who likes to  use broken lipstick? I like creamy lipsticks but they easily tend to broke out easily. I even did try Michelle Phan’s lipstick bullet video tutorial but to no afford, they still fell off after using  several times. So here’s what I did to my broken lipticks…

Here are some of the lipsticks I own. These are all the broken ones that I de-tubed and melted into jars.

Melted lipsticks on jars :)
1. De-tube your broken lipstick bullet and place it inside the clean empty jar.
2. Microwave it  for few minutes. Time depends on the amount of the lipstick.
3. Don’t forget to put label on each jar. I just removed the actual labels of my lipstick and stick it on the bottom.

bottom with label
-Melted lipstick on jars for me are better than placing them on pan/palettes because it’s smaller and you can easily throw them in your purse.
-You can just place all the jars in one box or container if you need to bring all of them. Just make sure not to use big jars for all of them to fit in if you have a lot.
-The most important is no more broken lipstick! Color payoff and lipstick quality didn’t change at all.
-It was better to use jars with transparent caps and unfortunately I just got one, so the colors can be seen easier.
-Less hygienic and requires a lipstick brush. I totally dislike using my fingers on getting the product on the jar and then put it on my lips, again, I prefer using brushes. To lessen contamination, just wash your lipstick brush properly after every single use.
Where did I buy my empty  jars? HBC store and the transparent one came from Watsons with the travel kit essentials chorvaness I purchased.

I hope you enjoyed reading these and helped you. I bought all of the products with my own money and make these reviews with all my honesty. No sponsorship was made or whatsoever. Thanks!:)


  1. hi jannah :) this is super helpful dear :)
    i can really save my poor melted nyx lipsticks thanks to your Blog post.

    Have a Great new year & God Bless


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