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Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub
Product Review:
*Product Claims: (see photo below)
-Moisturizes the skin while exfoliating the dead skin.
-My skin feels extra soft and smooth after using these.
-Locally available at any Watsons store
-Whitens my skin
-Non-irritating than other scrubs like  A Bonne Spa Milk Salt (click for review)
-The smell is just like of a regular lotion, for me it has no alluring scent
-The beads may at least be somewhat bigger in size as a scrub
*Little bit of sharing: I alternately use this along with my A BONNE SPA MILK POWER SALT SCRUB DOUBLE COLLAGEN. Both of them are my holy grail skin care products. I have fair sensitive  skin. It’s not that I want a fairer skin but I want a smoother and firmer skin. Skin care is part of being a true lady. Having a soft, smooth and fair skin is definitely a plus.
*Price: P180 for 250g tub. There’s a smaller tub which is priced for just P80. SO AFFORDABLE RIGHT?!
*Where can I find these product? Local Drug stores (Watsons)
*Would I repurchase? Yes. I already did!

*Do I recommend it? Yes, I recommend it along with the A BONNE SPA MILK POWER SALT SCRUB DOUBLE COLLAGEN
*To whom I don’t recommend it: None in particular.
Thank you for your time on reading my review. I hope it was helpful:)

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  1. HI Miss Janah,
    I agree! It’s really cheap. Does it really whiten skin?
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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