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Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush in Honey Moon

Baked blushes are eye candies.
How do you say no to a beautiful blush that looks like this. *Aw*

However, I was disappointed when I get to swatch it.
It appears as a highlighter than a blush actually.
Anyway, it's nice that I get to try one hard candy product.
And I guess I'm done lol.

I'll keep it for a while but not really a fan of it though.
It was less than five bucks at walmart.

Swatch at the back of my hand. You can hardly see right?

Photos without any editing wearing the blush on different lighting. 

So that's just a quick post of my new baked blush, I mean highlighter.
I should have picked up the doll pink (not sure of the name) instead!
What do you think? Hmm..


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  1. Hello Jannah! I can see a slight hint of the color but looks natural like a light bounces on your cheekbone. I am not sure. IDK. haha! I love that pink color on your lips, btw.


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