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Chinggus Reunited : YAKIMIX at ATC experience!

Early this month, I just met my good (well actually great) chinggus at Yakimix ATC! Weee!!!

We all went into the same college, same dorm during review of board exam and even became roommates when we had our first job experience after graduation in Quezon City. Imagine how close are we? Haha! But now, reunion was kinda hassle since we are not all coming from the South now and we sort of grew apart by profession. As much as we wanted to be together, reality wise, we separated ways to be successful in our own endeavors. Oh, by the way the word chinggu means friend. Pretty 'kewl right?

Neither of us have dined in here yet and so we wanted to try altogether...again? Eeew corny! Okay, so we arrived early in the afternoon for the dinner buffet. As usual ang walang kamatayang hintayan ng tropa ryt? Anyway we pretty much enjoyed chit-chatting and catching up with the latest among each other. Of course what's the latest on career, love and of course the current update among fellow batchmates and colleagues LOL! And when we were finally called to enter here's what we saw...


The staffs will welcome you with Japanese greetings! The ambiance was really calm and the buffet table was full of delightful dishes. There were cooked dishes, siomai and dumplings in steamed section, mexican nachos with salsa and pizza were seated on a separate counter. The other side of the buffet table was packed with raw foods. They were neatly presented on different trays but I do not know if they were kept on proper temperature all throughout the evening since they were just laid there. Please pardon me if it was just me who did not notice any sort of chiller or a kind. It is essential to keep the raws fresh of course! And oh, two more important notes I guess they should improve on, there were no proper label placements on food. Well yeah I do noticed they were placed on the top on the table but c'mon, it must have been better to designate them near the food. The sauce were also in one particular area. Not much of a Japanese cuisine diner would have a hard time guessing which sauce compliments which food, right?

Nonetheless, it was really great to dine in with beloved chinggus along with the fun of cooking over our table. They really liked the steamed siomai. I got to give it a bite but unfortunately it was almost 100% shrimp!!! Two shrimps in one siomai equals two swollen lips of mine due to my allergy! Very bad! Luckily I did not looked like Angelina Jolie again and devoted myself on grabbing desserts here and there haha! We did not get to try their halo halo but I hoarded much of their pastries hihi! I like their pudding! No sweet tooth like me would go wrong with the cheesecakes slices and of course ice creams! Their cooked dishes were overall good and some raw were just a miss for us. 

Overall, good food along with good friends equals an unforgettable dinner! Other than that, the price was more affordable than Buffet101 or Dads.  More chikka minute than more lafang galore kami! :)

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See my candid shots! All credits to Paulina Elena! Haha!
Push pa natin to 'teh haha!

And her foodie shots too...

Sayonara! :)

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