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Eccore 6-in-1 Korean Blemish Balm Cream

Hi everyone!
Happy 2013 :)

It's been a while my dear babies!
I missed yaaaaah! Hihi! :)

So let us begin with my fave BB cream for long months now.
Most if not all of you might prolly know that I've been totally head-over-heels in love with BB creams.
They're absolutely included in my everyday face routine.
Face primer-moisturizer-skin enhancer-all packed in one!
Oh btw, if you wanna know my face routine then pls see it HERE.
Although I do alternately use different brands of BB creams (which are mostly korean brands) other than what's shown on the video, I still use the same "BB cream-concealer-setting powder" routine.
However, I find myself picking this up a lot more than any other brands I've tried as of the moment.
This had been constantly on my list of MONTHLY FAVES & RAVES.

Here's what the packaging of the Eccore 6-in-1 Korean Blemish Balm Cream. It comes in a 50ml white tube. Pretty convenient ayt? Easy to stash and it's easy to control the amount of BB cream to use. Btw, this also comes in sachets of three.
-Hygienic kawaii packaging
-50ml lasts a long time to consume
-Decent oil-control
-Covers my broken capillaries on face and minor skin imperfections
-Makes my skin look radiant and glowing, removes dullness
-Light-weight (which is very typical for BB creams that's why I prefer 'em than foundies)
-Has SPF
-moisturizes and acts as primer as well

-One shade fits all. It's honestly a tad grayish IMO. Anyway, just blend it well. Nothing more that I can think of as of now. ;)


I dunno if you would notice the difference. Well I hope so ;)

I'd like to share these photos of mu-self with my beloved friends on work.
And oh hey I'm using the BB cream of course! 
Often mistaken as a Korean or Japanese. I'm not---I'm a proud Filipina. ;)


Super no regrets that I bought this BB cream. A full-sized tube seems to last forever. But remember that we all have different skin necessities depending in our skin types. I may not need to pile a lot since a pea-sized amount is already enough. I also like the glow it adds on my face when actually I haven't sleep yet. This is a must-try affordable korean bb cream ladies!

I bought mine for like P700-P900 ( I actually forgot the exact price sorry)

Thanks for reading everyone!
God Bless and take care:)



  1. I've been on a bb cream craze lately and this has been on my list since I don't know when! I'm afraid it will look funny on me though since I have yellow undertones and this is leaning towards gray. But thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! The swatches were really helpful! xx


  2. thanks so much for the detailed info on the bb cream :D i'm a newborn beauty blogger and it would be awesome if you followed or checked it out :D eymbeauty.blogspot.com

  3. Thank you for your informative post! I heard that these stuffs are safe and effective and lots of people are using it.



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