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My April Favorites and Early May Haul!

Hi everyone!
Time is running fast...isn't it? 
It's May already whoa..
(And I actually like that haha! I'm looking forward on Dec!)

Anyway, as usual I'm sharing with you the stuffs that I've been liking a lot this past April.
Click product name for my review.

Ecorre BB cream from SkyeAvenue

from Ms. Diane

-seems like my HG lippie!
A gift from my loving bf, Bryan.

My apologies if you keep on seeing same goodies over and over again.
 I guess that just shows how I like them so much? 
(Excuses?! LOL) 
But really, just being genuine enough on my posts.
Whenever I like something, I tend not to stop using it until it's broken or I've already consumed it and if I really like a product I usually buy back ups, sort of my HG picks.

I also found new prospects to love this May!
I got couple of goodies sometime on the end of April and early this May and that's what I'm gonna share with you soon! Please stay tuned for that! For now, let me just show you a sneak peak 
of my latest "kikay" haul...

Yup, I'm currently engaging myself with the new Skin Feeding Routine from Krave.
Before, I just use random masks, St. Ives and Dove facial cleanser and that's it.
Unfortunately, I hate myself cause I mistakenly deleted my video updates (I did it for 5 consecutive nights already and I'm planning to continue until a month or so and then upload it in my YouTube channel) for you to be able to see the gradual changes and really see the discrepancy BUT I screwed it! Grrrr! So I'm gonna start from scratch again and go back to Day 1. I really want you to see for yourself (just like what I did for the past few days that I'm using them) to avoid judgement of biases or whatsoever. I don't wanna jump into conclusions saying this and that specially this is about skin care. Please bear with me as you wait on this dearies!

I've reviewed this already HERE
This baby came along with this lippie and several accessories from Fabshopaholic.

I also got a surprise from Ate Dee of Skyeavenue. All along I thought the package just contained our order (which mine is Strip It Sugaring) when this lip goodies came out...

I also got more stuffs from Apothica and some hair stuffs from Star City (LOL! Had fun with my college buddies).

And here's my latest haul from MAC, thanks Dad!

Btw, I just want to say THANK YOU to all those who read my post, watch my YouTube videos, takin' time to comment on my blog or channel...
I appreciate you guys!
 As early as now, I'm already planning for a giveway on my first blog & YouTube anniversary which is on the month of August to give back on you guys. 

I'm just blogging & making YouTube videos for less than a year now and the experience plus the people I meet (online & personal) are already overwhelming in general. The mails I received from several people seeking help on some makeup matters, some people new on blogging and even the online shop owners (which also became my friends) who asks if this would be a good product to produce or what, just literally asking my opinion on certain issues just feels so heart-warming. I also had dilemmas like them when I was just starting on makeup, blog and YouTube so I know how they most likely feel. 

Alright, so I guess I'm "uber" blabbing already LOL Sorry! 
But really, thanks...
thank you for your time on catching up with my "ka ek-ekans"!
You're all motivating me to continue my passion, do what I like, keep my feet on the ground, give back and share what I can. Thank you!

Feel free to comment down below your thoughts!
What's your product rave this month?

Share "nomooooon dyan friend!" LOL
Take care!



  1. swatches for the model's own lippy please! :)
    love ur blog! :)


  2. love the goodies! especially the sleek palette! :D

    followed you,care to follow back?

    1. Hey I just saw ur comment, thank you! :)


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