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It was my first time to dine in an EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN lunch at CARL CED'Z  GRILL & RESTAURANT located at Centennial Rd, Kawit, Philippines together with my bf, his family and relatives.

We arrived at lunch time so the place was a bit crowded already. The menu was enticingly delicious. They serve various pork, beef and seafood Pinoy dishes. I love buffet style restaurants because I get to taste variety of dishes and I can pick whichever do I want to eat more.

On that day they served fish fillet, grilled pork, alimango, tahong, chopsuey, pusit, pansit, inihaw na manok, and others that I couldn't remember the names on the long table. I haven't gotten the chance to take photos clearly since there are a lot of people next in my line for the buffet. Alangan namang sabihin kong "Wait! pipictureran ko lang, wala munang kukuha." Baka nasapok pa ko, kahit ako gutom na haha!

They're unlike other EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN restau here in P.I. (Philippine Island) na tipid sa rekados ng ulam. We all know how hard and difficult it is to maintain a buffet style restaurant. They have to keep refilling the servings, which the crew are quick at. We just have to ask them once and they will quickly get for you. Unfortunately we missed the Caldereta that my bf and his lolo wants. I was also bitin with the leche flan, naubos na daw kasi.

Price was a good deal. P175/head(Monday-Thursday); Lunch & Dinner buffet P195/head (Friday and Saturday); They also serve Japanese dish on Fridays.

Right across is Kartini Hotel.

I would definitely love to bring my family next time. I didn't know the place until last Saturday, we often head to Tagaytay whenever we want to dine out. Good thing my bf and his family introduced me to a new place and treated me here. Salamat po! A new crib to NOM NOM NOM! Hahaha! Bochog nanaman!

Guess what where we eat for dinner?
No, sa iba naman hahaha grabe puro eat-all-you-can?!


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