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Nichido Bronzing Powder

Nichido Bronzing Powder

Swatch of Nichido Bronzing Powder (with flash)

Swatch of Nichido Bronzing Powder without flash (Please excuse my bruise near the top of the swatch as I just finished my IVT Training where we are obliged to insert IV cannula per pair in order to pass the training.)
Product Review:
- It contains 25g product.
- Locally available
- Affordable
- Quality wise it’s not a good bronzer. It’s too light to be a bronzer, it’s actually more of a highlighter. (The powder itself on the jar looks dark but I wasn’t able to swatch the product before purchasing since SA said it can’t be open unless you’ll surely buy it. So I ended up purchasing it and to my dismay I wouldn’t use this kind of “bronzing powder”.)
- Too much glitter. This should be called “Glitter/glimmer powder not Bronzing powder.
*Price: P150
*Where can I find these product? Nichido counters
*Would I repurchase? No.
*Do I recommend it? No.

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