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Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Foundation with free kabuki brush

Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Foundation with Nichido Bronzer (for size comparison)
Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Foundation with free kabuki brush
Product Review:
-Mineral Foundation (I’m a mineral cosmetic lover.)
-Stays for more or less 5 hours on my face.
-Matte finish when applied
-Comes with a free brush (But I use it as travel blush brush instead.)
-Locally available and affordable
- Gives me sheer coverage. (I’m not a fan of heavy foundation.)
- It contains a lot of product (8g)
-with SPF25 and suitable for sensitive skin (I have sensitive skin and I didn’t have any breakouts with this. I just used it for 2 consecutive days :p )
- Mineral makeups tend to be messy because they come in loose powders.
- I have the wrong shade,CO2 Rose White is way darker than my skin tone. My mom bought this for me. She told me that she just asked the SA to give her the lightest shade. She even told me she asked the SA more than twice if that’s the lightest shade already. Anyway it’s okay I don’t like to blame anyone. Cool or Warm (C or W) is not important for me, what matters for me is the shade and for Maybelline I am in OC1 Light Ochre. I just told my mom to get the lightest shade, I should have told her exactly the name sayang.

My neutral skin tone using Vein test. I have also randomly asked my skin specialist and she confirmed it.
- Tends to be drying on skin and accentuates your fine lines so better to moisturize before using this.
*Price: P599
*Little bit of sharing: I love Maybelline, they offer great quality products in affordable prices. Maybelline Philippines did a great job on maintaining their price range the same as the US market.
I am actually sad because of:
1.Our own local made products are neglected and they are the ones found on drugstores and considered cheap dirts. I hope they could make good quality products with good packaging (cause most of the time they REALLY look cheap). The best local face product that I’ve tried is Fanny Seranno 2-way cake but honestly I hope they improve their packaging. Why use so much of white or clear plastic casing when black plastic cases looks more professional.
2. Revlon, ELF, L’Oreal, Wet n’ wild, Covergirl are just considered drug store products in other country. Here in Philippines, it’s a different story. Those brands are seen on malls and not on our drug stores. And they price higher or twice their US Dollar price. Example: An ELF professional blush is just originally $3, here it’s sold for P249 pesos, nearly P250 or $5 US dollars. Maybe because of shipping fees, tax and etc.
3. There are actually many quality beauty products which are locally available/made that comes in affordable prices, it’s just that you have to buy it online cause most of the time it’s not available on malls, or if they are,unfortunately it is located at distant areas.
I’m glad for:
1. There are still affordable yet quality products available here like: Maybelline and Etude House.
2. Trusted Online Shops which make it possible to get items which are not available locally, but sometimes you have to wait for few weeks until months to claim your item.
Oops, sorry this sharing was kinda off-topic to the product I’m reviewing! XP
*Where can I find these product? Maybelline counters
*Would I repurchase? I don’t think so.
*Do I recommend it? Uhm, maybe? I’m not really sure though. If you can purchase online, I’d recommend you to try Ellana Mineral Foundation than this.

I hope you enjoyed reading these and helped you out. Thanks!


  1. hehehe.. I like ur honesty girl, I soo agree w/ you on your thoughts regarding "drugstore products" and locally made products. Stay being REAL! :)

  2. Thanks! You made my day! Someone finally appreciated my reviews. :)


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