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REVIEW: MJ Long Black Natural Cross Eyelashes-309

I got new lasheeeeeeees! >That was said with soprano voice lol<
 *wink wink*
If you haven't seen my collection yet then click HERE to know how cray-cray I am with them!
It just wraps up the whole look. Define my eyes and the look isn't complete 
without an eyeliner and my glamorous set of lashes!


MJ Long Black Natural Cross Eyelashes-309
100% Authentic & Handmade
Ten Pairs In Box
Material: Artificial Fibers
Country of Origin: Vietnam
Do not place them in high humid and temperature environments or directly under sunlight.
Do allergy skin tests before wearing


-They make big difference on eyes. See photo below. Literally enhance the eye look with all love!
-One of the MOST COMFORTABLE lashes I've worn. No irrritation or whatsoever.
-Length of the band fits perfectly, not to short and not to long so I don't have to cut it.
-Lashes per se are curled already thus making the lashes look more natural than dramatic.
-It's best to know that the product you're using near your eyes is safe and clean.
-A pair can be worn couple of times if you know how to care for your lashes well.

-May look flamboyant most specially to some chinky-eyed ladies.
-A little hard to wear and let it dry due to it's very thin band. Using a trusted lash glue is highly recommended.

USD 15.34

Where to buy:

Here are more photos to show you the lashes...

Here's the difference on wearing the lashes. Isn't its effect just gorgeous?

That's about it! Are you a "lash" queen too?
What do you think about it?
Thanks for reading my post.
See you again on my next sharing.

FTC: Product was sent to me for possible review. Regardless, all opinions are my own. I am not being paid to make this review. 


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