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Duty Free Shots

Hello! :)

So this is actually a very late post haha!
But no regrets nor apologies on my part. I don't force myself to blog whenever I don't feel it or I'm busy.
Hey! It's my hobby (or passion) not just a scheduled thing to do IMO.
More than willing to share my real/genuine *crazy* thoughts late than make an up-to-date forced one.

Here's my latest Duty Free experience. It was last May of this year, just when my dad arrived home. He's a chief marine engineer in case you guys are wondering. (Hey! We are not rich to tell you. We just have what we need and some of what we like. Not may be some or rather, most of you are! Aiyee! Aminin may be some of you are even bigtime heiress! I-charity mo na yan friend! JK! :p

Anyway! Here's some shots I've taken inside the Duty Free.
I just love shopping there since they're tax free.
Random shots taken inside:

Got a glimpse of MAC's latest collection!

So there you go, I bet most of you had been to Duty Free already!
If you haven't then this photos might help you have an idea. It's not too big like MOA that you might get lost. And here, the entrance is on the front of the mall and then if you want to go to the exit, you must walk all the way to the other end, the grocery area. (Nice tactic Duty Free! Nga naman madadaanan mo lahat ng items nila!)

You may see my purchases that I've done a review HEREI also hope there will be more selection for Swiss watches, ugh, the nice chunky wrist watch that I like are Japan Movement (which my parents don't prefer).
I haven't been to any other Duty Free other than this one located in Pasay and the small one inside the NAIA. I also wonder what does the other Duty Free stores look like. Oh! I remember I have also shopped from the one in Subic (I dunno what specific city/area sorry). It isn't as big and complete (But kudos to the disciplined drivers and citizens of Subic).

You might be interested to see more from Duty Free Philippines.
Here's their website:

Hope you enjoyed the photos I've posted.
What's your Duty Free experience?
Feel free to comment down below.


FTC: This is a very random genuine sharing by the author.

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