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~How I miss you! Please come back!~

So lately I've been feeling kinda drained and exhausted due to lack of sleep and time for myself to relax.
I literally  feel tired from everyday's work and having extra things to accomplish. *sigh*
Sometimes I feel like I'm over my age of 21 years old. Oh btw, I'm turning 22 years old this coming April 6. 
Hope to have a wonderful celebration then! Seriously, all that I wish for myself is regaining my strength, my hydrated and energetic self. Especially on  the physical aspect of my life now which I seem to neglect already. Horrible I know-yeah a little? Well that's part of growing up isn't it?  I've come to realize the real meaning of the word responsibility and learning how to manage time efficiently. 
Fortunately there's this site called WISHTREND where I can easily get my necessary skin care needs in one. And oh, I just love their mission:
"We are believing that as long as you 'WISH' to be beautiful, you will be beautiful.
 We explore all over the world to find the best cosmetics and introduce them to the beauty inspiring explorers."
Photo: [WISHTrendTV] Spill Tay's beans, 저를 소개합니다!

Let's meet new muse of WISHtrendTV, Tay!!! 

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How about you? Do you also have a beauty wish? :)

“Those who seek beauty will find it.” New York Timesphotographer Bill Cunningham

Jannah Lopez


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