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A Chic~Cheek stuff : Shining Blusher & Eyeshadow

How many of you dream of having that glowing pink flush on cheeks?

Well I do.
I honestly do.

Having fair skin is not always as good as others may think.
There are days that you'll definitely look pale in a sense that you look very sick.
No choice left but to add a little color if you don't want others to think you're a walker 
(LOL I just love watchin' that series so puh-lease forgive my lame words and descriptions).

I dunno if you've seen my previous blush reviews.
I've always been in love with light pink blushes.
Ladies, please refrain from calling it "blush-on".
 From now on, practice yourself to refer it as "blush" alone.
Okie dokie? Doesn't that sound more appropriate?
Anyway, goin' back to light pink blush, I've been using this
I got from KKcenterHK.com recently.


-comes with a good size mirror
-sleek and sturdy packaging
-comes with a cute-y nice brush
-quilted design looks cute
-contains 7g of blush powder (which is a lot I must say)
-at the back it says made in Taiwan

-color division is convenient if you want a lighter or darker shade of blush.
-gives that perfect iridescent pearl pink glow on cheeks.
-It's not too chalky nor powdery
-A little goes a long way

LEFT: Darker bottom pink; RIGHT: Lighter upper pink
I just loooooooove the color a bunch!

Where to purchase?

Recommended to:
-Those with fair complexion
-Blush freaks (like me haha!)
-loves iridescent finishes

I'm such a self-confessed lip and blush freak!
Maybe if you're on my shoes then you'd feel  my makeup necessities.
How I just love how my pale face turns into something healthy and glowing.
Exactly why I love makeup, it adds color on my face.
However, I must say that I still prefer the natural and "barely there" everyday looks...
So this blush is definitely a hit for me!
Love this a bunch!
Hope it will also work or have worked out well on you too.

Have you tried this blush? So what do you think?
I'd love to hear your thoughts too!
Feel free to throw your two cents below.

Likewise, Sorry for any wrong grammar or spelling cause I'm already sleepy now.
Time to hit the sack! Need to get up for an early work tom.

Thank you for reading my post!
(Extra thank you if you're already my old reader. 
Here's a biiiiiig *BEAR HUG!*)
 mwuah mwuah mwuah

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Take care!

FTC: Product was sent to me as a gift. Regardless, all opinions are my own. I am not being paid to make this review.

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  1. I like blushes that are a little shimmery, they look better in photos - in my opinion! :)

    Btw Jannah, please join us in this Easter swap it will be a lot of fun!



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