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Happy weekend!^_^
It's now Sunday as I'm typing this post.
So yeah...I got no work today *cheers!*

Remember the makeup challenge I was talking about? Yep you got it right!
I got this foundie for that purpose. I heard a lot of good raves 'bout this.{^_^}
Here's what I'm initially looking for a foundation/BB cream to use for the makeup challenge:
It is should be: affordable, can still be used even after the challenge, blends on my skin tone well, will not make my face a greasy ball, has good coverage and if possible I need not to buy a concealer and most importantly will not cause me skin breakouts.

And here's the list of what I've actually considered for the challenge:
On cake foundies:
*Fashion21 (the one that comes in green compact)--Hey this is what I've used before so I thought why not get it for this challenge- Why I did not get it? Coverage issues.
*Kokuryo summer cake in orange blush?--Dunno if I've typed the name correctly but I'm pretty sure I have encountered this upon searching a local face product on google. This just cost P80+ as far as I remember. Why I did not purchase? I simply could not find one.
*Ever bilena/Fanny Serrano BB cream- You know how much I love BB creams but oh geez. They're gonna be overpriced for my target budget. And hey, I've seen Everbilena's BB cream on watsons. Aw, it's still a tad darker that my skin color.
*Nichido & Everbilena mousse foundie-I just happen to find something a lot cheaper and has a lot better feedback/reviews.

And so here it is...TADA!

I got it for P132.00 / US $3.30 and I picked up the Shade no. 1. Btw, they do come in three shades.

From HBC
San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation is available in four different variants that match most Filipina skin tones. The nude to natural shades offer medium coverage that provides an even finish to help conceal blemishes and dark under eye circles.  It's formulation is ideal for those with normal to dry skin.
Each bottle of San San Matte Finish Liquid foundation comes in a matte frosted glass container with a spatula for easier application plus Vitamins A, C and E that nourish skin and SPF15 for sun protection. 


-Affordable and available locally. 30ml for just PHP 132.00
-Medium to full coverage (build-able)
-Does not cake if you blend properly (Blends well using finger pads than brushes)
-Good oil control! However, please consider that I don't have oily skin
-with Vitamins A, C and E that nourish skin and SPF15 for sun protection
-Decent frosted glass packaging (but not really travel friendly IMO) and hygienic spatula
-Suits my skin tone well.
-I did not have any breakout! wee! ^_^
Packaging comparison with my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundie

Left: Unblended foundation; Middle: Blended; Right: See how it blends well on me? 
Nice noh? :)

-If you noticed on the packaging, this is made in P.R.O.C. (People's Republic of China). I'm not sure if you're comfortable using China made products so this might be a CON for some. 
- The scent is a little bothering to my liking.
-I appreciate the spatula but it could have been better if it comes with a pump. Perhaps have a repackage on tube with pump for travel convenience.

Overall, this seems to be a nice purchase. 
I super like that it blends well on my fair (rather pale) skin color (which is usually hard to find in local brands) and I did not have any skin breakout with this. I recommend that you start by using a pea-size amount and dot all over your face and spread evenly. Do not pile a lot at once, that would feel heavy which should not be a case on this foundation. I recommend this to students or ladies in budget. You can pick up two different shades and mix them if you think this alone wouldn't suit your skin color. That's still a good deal for a total of 60ml for just PHP 264 than end up looking like wearing a white face mask LOL.

Have you tried this foundie already?
What local face products can you recommend btw?

Want more good cheap finds? Check out the nearest HBC outlets!
I just like how considerate they are on their prices. Thanks HBC!
What do you think about this product?
Feel free to share your thoughts down below dearies.

Thanks for reading this post and please stay tuned for the makeup challenge to be uploaded on my YouTube channel SOON! Take care!

FTC: Product was purchased by the blogger to try out. All opinions are my own. I am not being paid nor told to make this review.


  1. i have this one and same shade pa :D
    I don't like using it during when the weather's hot though. It's kinda thick.

    1. Hi Harmony! Nice we have the same skin color! It's hard to find this kind of fair foundie on local brands noh? Hmm... I suggest dear that you only use a pea-size amount at once, blend and just build little by little. It doesn't feel thick on me that way. And oh, blend using your finger pads than brushes, the product kinda melts and blend better due to warmth of the hands(or rather finger pads). ^_^

  2. because you said so, I will try it. I've been spending too much sa liquid foundations eh.

    1. Lady! <3 What else have you tried friend? Try BB creams too! :)

    2. yung Mary Kay Timewise LF, pero magbabago na ko sa much lesser yung price LOL XD yeap,I'm using BB cream already :D anung magandang BB cream and pwede mong ma-recommend sakin?

  3. Hi jannah! edi ang puti mo pala. :) lagi out of stock yung shade number 2 hindi tuloy ako makabuy. :) btw. nafollow na kita dito. haha since i know na how. :)) Godbless!

    1. More on maputla haha. Thanks! You're using this for how long already? no. 2 looks a little pink for my warm tone naman kasi..Thanks for the support! God Bless^_^

  4. I was meaning to get this when I was in the Phils... should have! Now, I regret it... huhu. Maybe next time. LOL. Thanks for the review! ^_^

  5. I like this too! My shade is number 2, but as one commenter mentioned, it's always out of stock, so I switched to something else.

  6. I just bought this a while ago because of your review! Hope it suits my combination skin. :) Fingers crossed!


  7. I haven't tried anything from HBC just because there aren't any near our place or office. But this foundation sounds really interesting! The packaging is classy and it's so nice that it blends well on your skin. I think I need to check this out soon. Thanks so much for this! ^_~


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