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Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool

Howdy? Hope all is well! :)

Lately, I've notice that my skin had become dull and stressed--may be due to lack of sleep and I've been tryin' to juggle my time with different agendas of my life. Yes, talk about being real life "Curacha" LOL! Ang babaeng walang pahinga hahaha!( Like literally walang pahinga kakatawa!jk!)

Lemme share with you a tool which is a great help to compensate with all that my skin had been goin' through without a lot of hassle. I've been using this for long months now. It's none other than the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool.

The tool is securely packaged in a very kawaii box which looks like this...

And I like the fact that one can easily find the tool details on the side...
(Less "pagkashunga" for not-so-techie/ignorant people like me LOL!)

(Also indicated on the box)

It looks so girly! Love the color combination! :)
Attachments Included:
Soft - Recommended for daily facial cleansing and polishing.
Medium - Perfect for daily, all over, body exfoliation.
Firm - Recommended for deeper body exfoliation of dry areas, such as the elbows, knees and heels.

This is where to put the batteries. Initially I was in doubt if this is really water-resistant, used it under the shower many, many, many times and it still works perfectly good so yehey! :D But I never tried to immerse it on water or what, mind you it's just water resistant not waterproof haha!

-No more dry patches, lesser blackheads, helps to lighten/ fade old scars, skin is definitely smoother and exfoliated
-Battery operated, requires 2-AA batteries which are very easy to find anywhere.
-Has 2 speed vibrations. See the photo above? Click that pink button once and you'll see the brush head spinning slowly, click that again and it will be faster.
-Has 3 brush heads/attachments to choose from. Depends on what do you prefer but I find the suggested areas per brush head suits me fine.
-The overall pink plastic sturdy packaging is very travel friendly.

-A little noisy and some may find it messy 
(If you care much about the water spraying from the tool).

Personally, I love to use this every week for my face and body. It just feels extra cleaner and smoother. I also prefer to use this before and after waxing. It basically helps to eliminate skin bumps and hair ingrown. It's not really essential to have this on your skin care but it does feels luxurious to have one. This is also a great buy for those who wanna try out the Clarisonic brand like I do, but reality check, I can't fork out hundred of dollars for that while this one just cost $39 from Sigma Beauty's online store.

I've been always keeping an eye for Sigma Beauty products. Geez, I wanna own a travel brush next...waha! so yeah let's see..It's really hard to be a female, I mean a "kikay", we have so much extra necessities LOL!

So what do you think?
I know this had been out for a long time already? Have you tried it yet?
Lemme know what you think :D

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you have a wonderful day ahead!
Take care! Ciao!



  1. Gotta try these but for now I also want to try SkinSonic. Its sooo cute kasi pink ;)

    1. Haha replied on u via twitter sis! :D

  2. Wow I didn't know that Sigma came out with this already! Its def much cheaper compared to clarisonic..Thanks for sharing this product, I'll check out the site..^_~


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