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MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty

“On the secretly blushing cheek is reflected the glow of the heart” 

What makes me look "more alive" aside from adding lip color on my "usual pale" bare face are blushes.
I am a huge sucker for blushes. Baked and mineralize blushes are indeed such eye candies for me.
I'd love to wear the sheerest down to heaviest blush color. Although pinks & peaches are mainstream in my collection while burgundy & wine colors (which compliments more on darker complexion) are just few. It all boils down on how one is going to apply and blend it.

I came across a blush that's perfect as my "everyday glow" when I went to MAC counter at Duty Free long months ago. MAC describes Dainty as--"Light yellow pink with gold pearl"
While I agree that it has gold pearl, but I'd rather describe it as a rosy peach than yellow pink.

I had been using this for months now and I love how it adds that rosy glow on my cheeks.
I've been receiving a lot of compliments when I wear this. Don't worry about shimmers, it isn't obvious!
It's almost like my old NARS Orgasm blush but a tad softer and lighter. Not an exact dupe for each other but more like "sisters" as they just come from same family color.
The staying power is more or less 6 hours. The pigmentation is great and the color is buildable.
You'll get lesser product (3.5 g / 0.11 US oz) compared to the non-mineralize blushes that comes from the same pan. And this cost a little higher than the regular powder blushes. Nonetheless of the steep price, this blush is really great and recommendable for its quality!

LEFT: Blended
RIGHT: Heavy swatched

See how it is kinda peachy when blended?

Though I got numerous of blushes already, I am still lemming for more range of colors and brands.
Yeah, I know I have to work my ass first haha!

Have you ever tried this blush?
What are your fave MAC blushes or recommendations?
Or what are your current blush favorites?

Feel free to share your two cents below!

Thank you for your time on reading this post.
Take care!


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FTC: Product was a gift from my loving father. Thanks Engr. Lopez! Love yah Dad! :*


  1. This color looks so good on fair skin.

  2. Wow! the shade is so pretty! ^_~

    1. Yes dear, hope you can try it din!Love ur blog! :)

  3. Looks good on your skin, Jannah! I can imagine you wearing it. :p

  4. I love the peachy shade :) I only have 2 blushes which are both in pink shade! Would love to have this but i'm not really the blush-on person! :D


    1. Aw on the contrary, I'm such a blush freak. Btw, just followed your blog. Got curious on the shade of blushes u like (might see something that I'd love to try too). Thanks for the comment Hazel! :)


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