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ATC Meetup! :)

Hello everyone!:)

So today, I'll spare myself from making product reviews and stuff.
I'll share with you instead my meetup with my online friend Yhang.
Well, I've known Yhang since she won from one of my first giveaway contest.
Dang! Can you believe how lucky this girl is? 
She won many giveaway contests and the biggest I guess is an iphone4S (take note Siri pa talaga haha!) from Petramahalimuyak (I love ashleylips too!) and Globe YouTube contest.
(Oi bakla, mamahagi ka naman ng mga premyo mo teh! Hahaha!)

One day, Baks (as we call each other) updated me via twitter that she'll be here in Manila.
So yeah..we set the date and place of course.
We went to ATC and she was with her cousin Nicole (Hi Nicole!).

Funny and kalog people are the best people to be with in terms of galaan.
I like how we spent time together eating and eating and eating CHOS!
Hahaha! Of course, we also made chikka about each other's life and watched a movie afterwards.

Anyway to cut the story short, here are some of our photos within that day.

We head on to lunch. I treated Baks Yhang and her cousin in Conti's and BonChon  (I was too busy to buy anything special in return since I feel that it will be shameful that she tweeted days before our meet up that she has pasalubong for me).  Here's our delightful shots:

Yummy BonChon Chicken
Her cousin Nicole.
Our food and of course dessert, my fave Mango Bravo from Conti's

 Then we dropped by SUESH.
I got my prizes/winning kit from their FB contest (Thanks Suesh!)
while Baks Yhang bought an eyelash adhesive.
I thought that you'd be interested to get a glimpse of what SUESH in Alabang Town Center looks like.
Makeup Haven?
I fell in love with their train cases! :)

The lashes and other tools
OMG Brush Galore!  *I went a little crazy*

And I asked the sales representative if I can take some photos of their brushes and she said yes.

Here's what I've been really meaning to save up now.
A travel brush set!!!
Ironic how I giveaway too many things that I actually don't have right?
Well...I don't know the answer too but yeah...
Let's just put it this way...
Someone up above is teaching me how to give and share something to other people in every possible way that I can, even in times and in things that I also don't have.
And I am also thankful to my beloved sponspors, as they are my helping hands in making this possible.

When I saw this red brush set, I was like.
Geez, I want to have you :(

And here are the other sets I've taken photos of:

Hey! I also like the travel-friendly brush set on the right. Just wished it's handles were red too!
(You guys know my fave colors ayt? Red and Purple all the way! :p)

And more sets that I and Baks saw personally.

We then went to the Cinema and watched Snow White and The Huntsman.
It was a great movie to watch with a friend.
After that, Baks handed me a plastic filled with delightful pasalubongs. 
She bought me two boxes of this plus two packs of chicharon.

I am so thankful to Baks Yhang for all her support to me all this time.
Cute how we both remember that months before, my only blog readers were just like 19 or less.
She's one of the few people who were already there and was genuine enough to become my friend even though I was just beginning.

I guess, we had a wonderful time together. It's nice to know each other personally.
I hope you can return here again Baks, altogether with our other online friends.
That would be so much fun!

See you again next time Baks Yhang!
Thank you <3




  1. Forget the brush... I want the buns! Hahaha! :)

    1. LOL! Thanks for the comment gorge mom! :*

  2. Waaaahhh!!! nahilo ako sa dami ng brushes!!! parang gusto kong pumunta tuloy sa Suesh!!! =D

    1. Haha go there na so you can see them personally! :)

  3. now you're making me regret that I didn't join you girls. :| I've been wanting to go to Trinoma to visit Suesh meron na pala sa ATC. *exited*

    1. Yep sa newly opened wing lang ate see. Hope you were there sayang! :*

  4. brush haven! i never visited a suesh branch coz they r also so far from my place T^T bon chon yuminess!

    ~aiMee/aMz, http://amz88.blogspot.com/ <3

    1. Aw, good thing I took photos to share. Thanks for the comment dear! :)

  5. Replies
    1. Hi! Thank you! BTW, I also love purple! <3


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