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Product Alert: PORCELAIN Lightening Soothing Mask & Age-Defying Whitening Mask

"There’s no deed that can be much fulfilling than helping other people that truly need people’s care and support and satisfying yourself by having the beauty that you’ve always wanted.

Who says you can’t do both at the same time?
Through More & More International Trading Inc. harmonized with World Vision in supporting children in bringing their dreams to reality, you can be beautiful inside and out!
How can you help? Simply just by acquiring products of More & More (Age-defying Whitening Mask, Lightening Soothing Mask, Vegefruit Complex Tablets and Plant Enzymes Complex Tablets)and you are rest assured that part of the profits gained by the company will go to where it belongs.
Helping has never been this beautiful."
-I just love the last line! As posted on my site, "TRUE BEAUTY IS FOUND IN ONE'S GOOD HEART. ♥"

One tiring day, I received a parcel from MORE AND MORE PHILIPPINES.
I was excited to open the package!
All my stress were gone after reading such an endearing message. :)

Kamsa Hamnida' 감사합니다 !!!

What's inside my package are 2 boxes of face masks.
A box of Lightening Soothing Mask and an Age-Defying Whitening Mask.
Here's how each look like.
Each box comes with 3pcs of this.
Each box comes with 3pcs of this.

I first tried the 
PORCELAIN Lightening Soothing Face Masks

"Removes old and dead skin cells making it lighter and fairer for a healthy and glowing skin." 
  • Provides cooling and soothing effect to your skin keeping it moisture to prevent dehydration. Lightens skin for a fairer and even skin tone.

Soothing and Anti-oxidant effects –Contains Organic Rose Essence for a gentle sensation for sensitive skin and able to protect skin from free radicals.

Controls Melanin –With Arabinoxylo-Oligosaccharides from Organic Wheat, specially developed by famous manufacturer in France for a healthier and youthful looking skin.

Moisturizing Formula –Have Sodium Hyaluronate, promote skin/blood microcirculation and nutrient absorption making skin smoother and softer.

Rejuvenating Formula –With White Truffle Essence-Rich in amino acids, minerals, and a variety of sugar derivatives, which can effectively stimulate natural youthfulness.

I love how soaked the face mask is!
Contains natural transparent tissue mask made up of fibers, that are thin, light, skin-friendly and smooth as silk which ensures 100% long term absorption.

Now, here's my first try...
Look at how dull my bare face skin..
Here, the mask is already drying...

Here's my skin after using PORCELAIN Lightening Soothing Face Masks

After a week or so, I tried their 
PORCELAIN Age-Defying Whitening Mask

"Completely whitens the skin and fights the signs of ageing for a youthful looking skin." 

  • Helps eliminates dark pigments to whiten skin, with anti-wrinkles and anti freckles formula. It contains Sodium Hyaluronate which increases moisture level in skin and boosts its natural collagen formation while protecting the skin and making it more elastic. Also has Arabinoxylo-Oligosaccharides. serves as antioxidants and melanin resistant

Exfoliation Formula –Contains Dermawhite  Skin Lightener such as Ferulic acid, Citric acid , which exfoliates and removes dead and old skin cells making it fairer and healthier.

Whitens skin - With Arabinoxylo-Oligosaccharides from Organic Wheat, whitens the skin and controls production of too much melanin.

Moisturizing Agent –Has Multi Hydro Max- Multi Hydro Max-Contains 8 different effective hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vit-b5 and moisturizing agent for a smoother and hydrated skin.

Hypo-allergenic –Contains Glycyrrhizinate which can prevent skin irritation and sensitivity.

The masks is folded this way once you open it from the pack.

After using the mask...

If you have dry skin, use a moisture mask that will rejuvenate and plump your skin. 
For oily skin, clay masks are best to use as clay is great for removing excess oil, deep cleaning the pores and may clear up blackheads. 
Dull skin needs masks that will boost skin's radiance. 
For mature skin,which definitely needs anti-aging and firming masks.

 the two types already work hand in hand to suit different skin types. 
You don't need a lot of masks to put on your face.

I know that a lot of ladies here in Philippines are into whitening. Here's the steps:
 P990.00/ box (3 foil packs)

Well, do I need to say more?
My experience so far is delightful!
I need not to wait a long time before I get to see gradual changes.
I'll update you if I notice more as I still have few packs left.
Btw, I use Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals Skin Feeding Routine for my daily skin care 
and Sigma Polishing Tool for exfoliation. (Please stay tuned for both reviews.)


Interested on this face masks?
Then LIKE their FB page now.

Thank you so much for reading my post!
What do you think about face masks?

  FTC: Product was sent to me for possible review purpose. Regardless, all opinions are my own. I am not being paid to make this review.


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