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FM Perfume and Cosmetics Sugar Lip Scrub

Hi lovelies!
Just wanted to quickly share a review of a
lip scrub that was given to me as a gift from my friend,
 (actually BFF, Hi LOLA BELLE!).
She knows I wear lip products a loooot
and at the end of the day I always end up asking her if my lips are looking dry
 as I always have chapped lips. (El Niño ang peg! LOL!)
Btw, she also gave me a purse from Vigan.

Prepares the lips for the perfect application of lip gloss or lip tint.
Contains sugar crystals, panthenol and vitamin E to nourish and smooth the lips creating a tempting look.
The aroma of appetising mango.
Convenient and easy to use applicator
Recommended for use with Minty lip gel.
Weight: 1.9g

Just keep on twisting the pen until the products come out. Apply it on your lips. You'll feel the sugar (which smells so good) scrubbing against your lips. Use this before applying any lip product for smoother finish. You may also use at night, then apply lip balm or moisturizer after scrubbing.

Here's my LIPS BEFORE photo:


See the sugars?

And of course, AFTER shot:

Performance was okay, not really something to rave about tho. 
However, I like it since it's travel friendly.
It's something beneficial (to people like me) and doesn't have bothering smell nor taste.

What's your best lip scrub?
Mine was just a  DIY Lip scrub before I had this.
Just get a soft bristled toothbrush, sugar and viola! Scrub your lips gently my dear!

Thank you so much for reading!


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