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Disney Makeup Look Collab

Welcome to the magical world of Disney Princesses!

Few days ago I got a mail from a fellow blogger Denzyll, asking if I can do a collaboration makeup look. She said they didn't know where to begin and saw my past makeup collab with Jannie, Roxanne and Joanna. I checked my schedule and thought I can squeeze in some time to make this collab happen. Everything went smooth and easy.

Guess what I decided to be...
A character from under the sea...

Spongebob? (Cmon!)
Nemo?! (LOL!)

I picked Ariel of The Little Mermaid! Wee:)
Minus the sexy body, the almost-bra-like-shell top (whatever you wanna call it) and mermaid tail 
as I don't have all of those haha! Denzyll chose Jasmine and Georgia decided to be Snow White.

I have always been interested in mermaids. There was actually a time that I went gaga over mermaid stories. Naaah, not the fantaseryes in television LOL! I found myself curiously (usi lang?! haha) reading the told stories of several people who saw them or the so-called "mermaid mummies". Their existence is still questionable until now. Who knows? The sea is a vast place. Humans are incapable of seeing all the dimensions on earth. But I wanna know!( Oh wait, on second thought...wag na lang they may be scary pala waaah!No thanks! I'm fine living  my entire life with curiosity if that's the case LOL!). Aside from my interest on mermaids, I also thought of Ariel first since I own a red wig which matches the Disney character. I wish I own so many wigs that I can turn into many fictional characters just by wearing them. (Cosplayer pala?!hahaha!). I also like her as a heroine, such a powerful, self-reliant, and not to mention, a somewhat rebellious character.

Going back to makeup collaboration...
Here's the look I came up with!
My apologies for the not-so-high-quality photos. I hope I filmed a video when I did this look but I was really rushing on that time (got home late-sleep for a while-morning I did this and have an appointment before lunch). I'm still considering to film a video tutorial on this on my spare time in the next few days may be...It takes me twice longer to film for my channel than to type my beki/gay/lokaret ideas in mind haha.

What do you guys think?

Products Used:
Can you guys guess them? Jk!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in Place Makeup in Bone
Krave Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator

UDPP in Original
Oversee from Sigma Flare Palette
Boxed and Wrapped Up from Sleek Oh So Special Palette
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
ELF Lash Curler
Shawill False Lashes
Covergirl Lash Blast Fushion Mascara

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer
Smashbox Soft Lights
NYX Mosaic Blush

Models Own in Annalise's Pink 
(Then I realized that it was too pink for the look so I topped with a single layer of...)
Miners The Matte Factor in Peach

Thanks to Star City for the little yellow dolphin ( I also have no idea why it isn't made blue!).
Just won that from a game actually. I love rides, fun fares and of course bonding with my beloved friends!

The makeup was
ALMOST the same technique I used here:

And ...
Please welcome my fellow Disney Princesses!
                         Denzylle as Princess Jasmine                                    Georgia as Snow White
                              of Disney's Aladdin                                            of Disney's Snow White

  Thank you for reading!
Take Care!

Ariel...Lin *chos!*
Ariel...Rivera LOL



  1. Nice sweetie! Where did you get the wig? hehe :)

    1. Bought it a year ago from a store here in Cavite.

  2. I absolutely love it! I so want a wig like that!


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    yes, i am still game for the sponsorship. i just have four links to be liked or followed:

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