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JS PROM Hair & Makeup for the Best Friends

SEE THE ORIGINAL POST on my personal blog (http://jannahlopez.blogspot.com) dated Feb 8, 2012. :)
Today I just had my first prom makeup gig...
I already did makeup for photo shoots, debuts and other special events but not Junior-Senior Prom until now.

Sai (a.k.a Cy from his name Cyrus), a batch mate of mine from De La Salle-Health Sciences Institute booked me to do her sister's hair and makeup for their school's JS Prom Night at  Makati Shangri-La, Manila this 8th of February 2012. Few days after he asked me if I can also do hair and makeup for Regine's friend, Patricia. I agreed cause I have no other scheduled appointment today. So gora lang ng gora mga beki (So just go, go gays!) Tagal kong nagisip ng english translation nyan, tama ba ?! LOL! ;p

Our call time was 1pm at 7eleven of Rosario, Laguna. We (Bryan came with me for help and  support aiyee!) arrived on time and Sai fetch us from there to their house. I immediately started to fix all the necessary things that I will be using on the table inside their well-lighted living room.

Days before, I already asked them what do they like for their hair and makeup to look like.Regine (Sai's beautiful sister) wanted a natural makeup with curly hair while Patricia (Regine's best friend) wanted a smokey eye look with a low up do. They have different picks but they wanted to have something in common which is a braid in the hair.

Here's some pics for you to have an idea how did the best friends come up after I did their hair and makeup...

My iPhone4's battery was drained (Useless gadget for me today! >.< ) so I wasn't able to take photos personally.  
Will wait for my friend Sai to upload more LOL!
Hopefully including their before shots and hair styles.
Wait 'til you see Patricia's low flower up do.

Regine after I did her hair and foundation

While I'm making sure that her neck is even to her face color.
Candid shot of the makeups. Thank you so much for this Sai!

Regine looks like a Korean actress!
Regine with another friend (I didn't did her makeup and hair)
Patricia (most left wearing purple gown) :)
Defined her brows, and her purple smokey eye. :)

Regine, their friend at the center (not my client) and Patricia. :)

Regine and Patricia together :)
Patricia and Regine
Gorgeous Best Friends After the Hair and Makeup:)
L: Regine R: Patricia

Patricia Before :)
Patricia After :)

Regine Before
Regine After:)
I love how I made her brows bolder for a more natural look, contoured her nose and cheeks too! :)

Hopefully they had a great time on dancing at their JS Prom tonight.
It's fulfilling to know that their moms was satisfied and liked my job.

I remember my JS Prom years and years ago...(reminiscing time for the aged LOL!)
Infairness, nominated ang lola nyo noon! Charos di naman nanalo LOL!

Thank you so much to Regine and Patricia for entrusting their JS Prom look on my hands.
And specially to Sai, and their mom's who hired me.
Also to Bryan for accompanying me and helping me on this day. Thanks for the unending support bhe! :*

After Laguna, we went to SM Dasma to eat dinner and went straight home to rest for the nextgora day! :)

Care to share how was your JS Prom look before?
My makeup was a dark smokey blue eyeshadow with a light peachy pink lipstick then my hair was up. 
I wore a blueish-purple ball gown (LOL, uso yan nung time ko friend, now di na e) with matching gloves pa ang lola mo, arte lang! Haha! and Silver Heels, cause my gowns was beaded with silvers. I think mala Cinderella drama ni mamsy(mother/mom) before. She actually made up the theme for me but we are really required by our school to wear blue. Blue for the Seniors and Pink for Juniors (Corny right? If there was no mandatory color  I think I'd wear either white or purple). I hope I can find an old picture of mine. It was posted on my Friendster before but cmon' FS, why did you disappear on this face of the earth. jk! :p

I had so much fun doing my first Prom makeup gig! :)

Regine and Patricia with their friend on photo booth :)


Here's more of the faces I've worked with...
Photos edited by Christopher John Masangya

1. I'll still try to get her before pic... :)



  1. You made them look so pretty! I swear someday you're going to be famous. But you already are now!

    1. Aw..that was so sweet Chriselle! Thanks! 'Yung someday keri, ung now di naman friend! Kalurky! LOL! Pero really, thanks for the support. I really appreciate it! *bear hug!*


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