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Holla everyone! :)

I'd just like to share how grateful I am to receive
a gift from a sweet online friend of mine named Yhang.
"Baks" as we call each other, short for "Bakla" (Gay in English).

I first met Yhang (thru online) when she won my Strip It giveaway.
Since then we started chatting and I find her funny and nice at the same time.
 (Parang love story e noh? LOL).
And mygosh! She won another giveaway of mine.
Pinky swear all of those were done in random!
There are videos provided as proof in choosing the winners.
Please Baks! You're over lucky na! Kalma na teh! Hahaha!

I think Yhang isn't lucky just because of nothing.
I guess it's her good karma.
BTW, She also won an iphone4s from PetrangMahalimuyak & Globe.
OMG dava?! (So happy for her!)
Yes, she is truly blessed because of her good heart.
Good things come to good people.

Cute thing was,
She was actually apologizing pa because it was late daw.
Ako na nga may gift ng di ko naman bday,
Ako pa ba reklamador?!Hahaha! 
Seriously, you don't have to apologize.
I am really thankful.
So sweet of you baks! SOLOMOT!
I miss yah! Sorry busy ang lola mo now...
I know busy ka din with work.
We surely have to catch up if kalma na ang mga schedule natin haha!
Hope to see you in person soon! :)

Cute Coin Purse
My studded purple coin purse finally retired!

Juicy Couture Inspired Bracelet

Pink Feather Necklace

Wanna meet Yhang aka iarrab too?
Check out her links! :)

Thank you so much dear!

Jannah Baks

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