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2012: Made up my mind for make-ups to buy!

Hi lovelies!

Today, I'm making my 2012 list. This are the ONLY makeups that I should buy for this year.
During 2011, my wallet was always damaged due to compulsive buying LOL.
This time, It's gonna be different.
I thought of this since I'll be seeing this on my blog which will always remind me.

Let me start with FACE Products:

(I highly recommend Purederm products!)

Oh gosh I reckon the total cost of my face masks, eye pads and nose strip last year and I died! 
That's how much it cost if I do it every week? (The face masks and eye pads are twice a week). 
Now I have to make it twice a month. My face should understand the word "cost-cutting" LOL.

2. ONE BB cream (Just 1 Jannah!)

I still don't know what BB cream should I buy. I can feel that the three tubes (Etude House, Lioele and Ecorre') that I'm  currently using are running low already. I need ONE back up. I'm eyeing for two brands, Missha and Skin79. I'll probably decide when I'm about to buy later this year.

3. Cake Powder Foundation

I still don't know if I should stick with Mineral Foundation. Geez it cost more. I'd opt now to go for Fanny Serrano or in2it.


I'm now having a hard time! LOL!
I guess I have to skip on this yet.
 I'm planning to collect more of them this year, specially blushes.
I want baked blushes wee! They're so pretty! :)


1. Maybelline or Covergirl Mascara
I want natural full looking lashes not clumpy lashes. I'll probably just buy every 3 months, before the previous gets expired. Last year, I had no problems with mascara since Avon had it for free with every lipstick. 
LOL I got 3. So I just have to open one every 3 months (The expiration date starts when you open the mascara. As far as I've read, it's just good for 3 months.)

2. Eye Shadow Primer
I don't know if I should get the ELF Mineral Eyelid Primer still or I'll try the stick one which costs less.

3. No more colorful eye shadow palette or pigments (I can not use them on daily basis), but Neutral colors are always welcome. LOL! (BIAS :p)

Rest stuffs like eyeliners, false lashes and curlers are least priority already. Looking at my list makes me smile. I think I'll save more this year. :)

Besides the above mention, nothing's already considered as necessity for this 2012 so I have to think twice, no I mean hundred times before I buy it. Anyway I'll keep this makeup list updated.


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