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Very Inspiring Video

Hi! I'm typing this at 5:54 am here in my country
and I'm still up watching this heart melting YouTube video...
I watched this over and over again and
 I really wanted to share this video to everyone.
It's not only her amazing voice that I wanted to spread to everybody else but the entire message of this clip...
I know this is very irrelevant to my makeup & beauty blog but this is about the inner beauty so I'll still post it.
Please, please, please do watch it! You'll be inspired too...

Do not judge any person by simply looking at them...Try to listen and you'll know...


No matter how good looking, how rich and how genius you are, in the eyes on God, we are all equal...

"Kahit gaano ka kayaman, kaganda, kasexy, katalino o ano pang kamunduhang bagay na taglay mo, lagi mong tatandaan, binigay yan sa'yo ng Panginoon para maibahagi mo sa iba, binibigyan ka ng pagkakataon na makatulong sa ibang nangangailangan at hindi para manlamang, manlait o manghamak ng iyong kapwa."



  1. I watched this video awhile back...
    Thanks for sharing! I'm inspired all over again!

    Thanks for following! I'm a new follower of yours, as well!


  2. Hi Bee! Thanks for following as well! :)


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