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E.L.F. Essential Brightening Eye Color in Blue Moon

without flash
without flash
with flash
with flash
with flash
TOP: without primer ; BOTTOM: with primer
without flash
TOP: without primer ; BOTTOM: with primer


Luxuriously smooth, pigmented formula provides your eyes with a bright and beautiful sweep of rich color. The formula blends into skin for a long lasting, beautiful effect. Each quad is comprised of 4 coordinating shades that allow for both natural and dramatic looks. Built-in mirror and applicator included.

- There's 3 out of 4 colors that appears pigmented.
- I love the brown that comes with the palette. (Neutral color lover here sorry!)
- The Dark Blue eye shadow is gorgeous in my opinion. The white is just okay and no comment for the light blue eye shadow haha!
-Glides smoothly and easily.
-Not so powdery than other ELF bigger palette that I've tried
-Satin finish, not matte and not to glittery. I love this kind of texture and finish.
-Travel-size friendly.
-Affordable palette (Costs P129 in Philippines but it just costs 1 US dollar in other countries)
-I don't like white plastic packaging.
-Sponge tip applicator is crappy.
-Decent staying power with primer. (Only with primer LOL)

- After reading there product claim, I was like "Huh?Where the hell is the built-in mirror?"
Uhm okay. It's right there LOL.
*Little bit of sharing: I just won this from a giveaway contest. See here: CLICK MOI! :)
*Would I repurchase? I want to try BUTTERNUT, BROWNSTONE, NOUVEAU NEUTRALS and DRAMA ( Oh I just realized they're all neutral colors. Well what do you expect?! :p )
*Do I recommend it?To whom? YES. To those who wants to experiment on makeup (beginners).
*To whom I don’t recommend it: To those who doesn't like cheap packaging products.


  1. I always ignored these cause they looked cheap to me. I would hate them if they were powdery!

    Thanks for the review. :)

    Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation

  2. lovely colors...they just need to improve their packaging..hehe~ thanks for swatches..=)

  3. @ Chriselle Sy & Janet- Yes the packaging really looks cheap. Thanks for reading girls. Happy New Year! :)


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