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Beauty Cosmetics Beauty Blender

Introducing  Beauty Cosmetics Beauty Blender sponge into your routine will change your life. 
Well...not literally but you get the gist. :)

It's a non latex sponge that applies foundation with a professional finish and a flawless complexion. 
It's egg-shape will help you apply foundation on hard-to-reach areas of the face smoothly.

How to use it?
1. Do not use the product right after the moment you got it. (C'mon girl don't be too much excited!). Always wash before using, making sure it's clean. (You don't wanna introduce bacteria on your skin right?) When I've washed this, I didn't see any pink-colored liquid squeezing out of the sponge. (LOVE IT!)

2. Squeeze in and out gently over running water or you can just soak it for few minutes if you like. Whatever you prefer just make sure that when you're about to use it, the sponge is not dripping wet. You can also use this dry.

Here's the size comparison of a dry and wet Beauty Cosmetics Beauty Blender:

3. I've tried using this wet, and I can say that it made my foundation routine so much faster. You can use this for liquid foundation, mineral makeup and BB creams. I've even tried using this for contouring and blush.

4. This doesn't dry quickly. Make sure to store them in a clean storage or packaging. Do not store on high temperature areas.

What I love about this?
-I love the flawless finish it gives me. It blends the foundation nicely and prevents product caking.
-I love the color. It's not one of my favorite colors (RED AND PURPLE) but I like it this way. 
It's so girly! :)
-I love the fact that the color doesn't bleed upon washing.
-With proper care, cleaning and storage, it will not look dirty. It can be easily clean and the foundations wear off from the sponge easily without leaving a heavy mark.
-It's so affordable (Php 350 or less than $7 USD).
-Available locally thru 
For 10% DISCOUNT on your purchases use code "JANNAH"

Beauty Cosmetics Beauty Blender was sent to me by the company  for review and demonstration purpose. Everything that I've mentioned above were my pure thoughts and opinion about this product. I'm not being paid to make this post. Trust me, I'm going to maintain the veracity of my reviews until the end. ^.~

Jannah :)

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