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Urban Decay Fase Case Palette

Urban Decay Fase Case Palette Packaging
I absolutely LOVE the color!!!
It has a "rubbery" texture which easily attracts dirt :/

Urban Decay Fase Case Palette *inside view*
Sorry I was to excited to swatch the lip balm. I was curious enough to see it's pigmentation.

Urban Decay Fase Case Palette *swatches: lipgloss, eye shadows, blush*

UD Face Case Palette

UD Face Case Palette Names
-LOVE.LOVE.LOVE the color (My fave colors are purple and red. Are we the same?)
-I only hate the "rubbery" feeling! (Paulit-ulit ako noh? ) :P

Eye shadows:
-My favorite is TWICE BAKED.
It has the satin finish not shimmer.
I also love to use it over my brown pencil liner
and love to reach for it for smokey eye look in evening parties/events.
-The Midnight Cowboy Rides Again can be too much glittery for some.
I have a tip! Use your finger pads on applying instead of using a brush.
It lessens the "glittering" effect since the glitters will stick
 on your fingers more
than on your eyelid.
-I don't really care for Grifter eye shadow. Yes I do
love the  purple color but I don't really use
purple eye shadows. I'm a NEUTRAL eye shadow lover :P
It's also shimmery but not as glittery bomb as Midnight Cowboy Rides Again.

"Hook Up After Glow Blush"
is a matte blush (Yes I'm also surprised!)
It has decent pigmentation, looks very natural on my skin tone
and I love the fact that it's not powdery,
which means it doesn't go over the lip glosses.
IT STAYS ALL DAY, I don't have to retouch or anything.
Urban Decay must make more blushes. I think those who purchased
this before was only after the blush, right?

I'm not a Lipgloss fan. I opt for lipsticks whenever I go out or
I use Lip Tints whenever I'm on my lazy days.
All of the 3 lip glosses are sheer, has minty feeling
which I love but kinda sticky on my lips as well.
Maybe when I'm done with the lipgloss,
I'll melt my fave lipsticks and replace this lip glosses.
So I don't have to bring my lipstick tubes. YEY!

Where did I purchase this?

Check out this
online shop for a hassle-free transaction
and overall I can say that she's a great seller:
I have done 2 transactions with her already
and hope to do more in the near future.
(Kapag may work na ko at di na BUM haha! HELLO FELLOW JULY 2011 RNs! )
Both transactions were smooth.
And Oh! She also gave me a FREEBIE
sample in 1.5ml which I gave to my bro :D

How much is this palette?

This was on SALE at her online shop
when I bought it.
P750 plus shipping fee, so over all P845
I believe it retails $14 in other country. This product is already
discontinued by Urban Decay so I'm happy I was still able to get  it here
in my country.
Well, we don't have Urban Decay here in the Philippines,
so for the price, that's super affordable already! YEY!
Alright I think that's all for now.
I hope I can purchase URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE next time.
I don't really wear eye shadow everyday but
I would just like to look at them and
have them as my own. (evil laugh)
Best thing that I love is:
Urban Decay is, and always has been, a cruelty-free company. You’ll notice that every box bears our cruelty-free credo: “We don’t do animal testing. How could anyone?”-UD


Jannah <3

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