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JAPAN HOME CENTER HAUL (False Lashes, Mirror and Brush Holder)

I forgot the medicine box sorry :)

I just want to share with you the goodies I found at Japan Home Center for just P88 and P66 each.
1. I found 2 pairs of Lashes just for P66. I think they’re so cute.
P66 false lashes

False Lashes Closer look :)
2. Full-sized mirror for P88. It’s big but sleek so it’s still pretty nifty to throw in your purse.

the mirror (available in white, pink & blue only) no red or purple! :/
3. I don’t know what this is called but I’m going to make this as my new brush holder. Good thing it already have 4 divisions unlike my  current two brush holders which are both divided in to two, both looks so crappy because of the velvet texture while the other one is made of cloth (I don’t know what exactly that cloth is called). I wish it was black or red or pink but unfortunately it’s only available in brown.

Brush Holder XD

Brush holder with my brushes
4. Medicine box but I’ll turn this into my Nail Art Design Storage. This has a lot of compartments and could be separated per color.

Medicine Box---> Nail Art Design box
So that’s just everything I got today. I love strolling on P88 stores, they sell a lot of cute random stuffs. <3
Thanks for reading my post. Have a nice day!


  1. those are cute stuffs and I didn't know the store carry falsies too! XD

  2. I also didn't know that until I saw them there! :)

  3. Those falsies are so daring! Love it!


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