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Being a blogger...

I just want to share my two cents on blogging...

I just started blogging on mid or last week(I'm not sure) of Aug 2011. Started with my passion for makeup and beauty-related stuffs until I fell in love with blogging and just share my thoughts on a particular product. Lemme do this in enumerated format, seems to be boring to read if it's all in paragraph right?!

I like...
-I like the most on blogging is to be able to share my opinion on stuffs that I've tried already. The readers will be able to see swatches, gain initial idea on whether to buy a product or not, introduce them to new products on the market. In general, I like the fact that I can help to my readers through my efforts on blogging.
-I also like that through my blogging, I can share by hosting giveaways. My heart is filled with joy whenever the random winner really appreciated the prizes and get back to me (coz' I think I'm also appreciative that's why I like an appreciative person too).
-I like the fact that you'd get to meet a lot of people online. You'd stay connected and more updates, sharing and chikka galore. It's all about being socially interactive worldwide.
-I like the advantages and perks on blogging since I get to try out things first or for free. It's nice to know that companies/sellers want to know your thoughts on their products. But personally, I let them know that I will provide genuine reviews regardless if the goodies were sponsored.
-Bottom part is...I just really like what I'm doing. I'm very passionate about it. Despite my heavy schedule with my profession, I still try to give time to my blog and channel. To me, it's not about being a blogger actually, it's more of my self-contentment and doing what my heart desires.

I hate...
-The fact that you blog, you get to publish your thoughts also means that people would either agree or disagree on you. Be aware that there are really mean people who bash around and throw hate if they want.
-The people who asks questions and advertisement unethically.
There are different kinds:
-People who will ask you numerous questions that could actually be found or search on net. They just want "spoon-feeding". And the most unethical question that I got was like, what's my blog layout codes, can she copy daw. I was like "huh?". It's not admiring, it's already imitating, which isn't good for me. I worked hard for my blog, striving to become a unique one and IMO a genuine blog will reflect the bloggers personality then another will just "copy".
-People who will ask for countless advertisements of there blogs. Am I an advertising agency? I also started on nothing, I know how it feels, but really...and "Super" honestly...if you want to gain something then work hard and naturally people will notice and recognize it. You don't need to push it because you'll just gain "false" or ungenuine followers or readers. I prefer quality over quantity. It's also becoming a trend that bloggers just want the perks of blogging, your audience will feel that, think of your credibility. After all, it's your name and persona at stake right? I believe that if you want to achieve something, then start from the bottom, work hard, just let it come naturally and shall then you'll see that through time you'll become more established and successful. I like people that I see striving and working and knows how to be grateful after you've helped them. Be careful with "user-friendly" people.

I answer mails, tweets and etc. but I also know that some are being abusive of me being nice to them. It's really hard to weigh people sometimes 'coz they'll be nice to you if you have giveaways but after that don't expect them. That's why I really value the sweet people, who, in return to my efforts also take time to comment or view my accounts. 

Overall, Being a blogger is fun! Just be consistent with your effort on blogging. But personally, I get to finish a post in less than an hour, the secret is just be natural...let your true thoughts on a product or let's say post, flow naturally. It's not really a time consuming session if you're genuine enough. What's time consuming is filming for my channel because of editing and stuffs. Also, I learned how to deal with different kinds of individuals. Know what, when a person throws a stone on you (itirador mo sa kanila CHOS!jk!) just be polite by ignoring them. Those kind of people aren't worth your wrinkles. As long as you know you didn't made anything bad then the problem is with them already (most likely insecurity or jealousy). But if you know to yourself that you made a mistake, be true to, accept your mistake and learn how to apologize (What I've learned from my dear parents). It's actually just a matter of how you deal and interact with other people. It's really nice to find a real friend online or through blogging.

As long as I enjoy what I'm doing, I'll pursue it. I learned lot's of things through the months of blogging.
 Let's see more after the years to come! I'm ready to learn more! 
Hope you'll still be there as I age in this industry (industry talaga?!parang showbiz lang noh?!LOL!)
Alright I need to do something already...

Feel free to share your thoughts down below!


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