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The Avengers (2012) + Tryin' out BAR-B-KING

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to share what happened on me yesterday, April 28 (Saturday).
So me and my bff Belle, (lola belle and lola jah as we call each other) went to SM to watch The Avengers. We actually wanted to have a mini reunion but unfortunately our other friends weren't available. We first went to Popperoo, got a bucket of BBQ popcorn to munch and drinks, which was actually consumed before we went inside the movie house LOL! The line was so looooong! I advise that you get reservations before the day you plan to watch it if you have no patience on waiting. IMO, the long wait was super worth it! The movie was awesome! I don't wanna be a spoiler so I guess I'll just leave it as it is. Don't you dare miss this movie! It was action/adventure with a touch of comedy! We had a good time! :)
We then stroll around, window shopping at department store, etude house and etc.
About 9pm (LOL so late!), we felt hungry and stumbled at BAR-B-KING Charcoal Grilled Barbeque.
My bff treated me this dinner, thanks lola! 
Here's what we ordered:
Grilled Angus Beef Belly for P150
Honey Chicken Bar-B for P115
 Each meal comes with a soup and drink

The Honey Chicken Bar-B tastes better than Grilled Angus Beef Belly in our opinion, more worth the penny! We didn't really enjoyed the food since they were almost closing so we had to eat fast. And knowing myself I can not do that, I want to take my time on eating my food. So after noticing that only few customers are left with us, we just took it out after eating some on our plates. The crews were actually nice, they greet and ask what else is needed. However, in the end, we still prefer Mang Inasal or Chicboy but it's nice that we did get to try out dining here. It's located at the lower ground level, annex of SM Dasma Palapala.

I had a great time with my bff! It's so nice to catch up with your real close friends!
Although we make chikka a lot on phone, it's still different when you're together haha!
Love yah lola bff!

Thanks for reading my post...
Have you watched The Avengers already? Whatcha think?
Or have you tried Bar-B-King already?


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