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Etude Playhouse Pink Fair 2012

Yesterday was a sweet pink fair day at Etude Play House!

I went all the way from Cavite and arrived on the venue for about an hour earlier.
I was like "Whoa!Dang the line was already long!". /sweat
Pretty impressing that Etude House PH was way even more prepared! They managed to handle everything well despite the number of early princes and princesses. Kudos!

I had loads of fun taking photos, participating on games, meeting fellow bloggers, seeing familiar faces which I see online and learning new things from the beauty and fashion experts.

BTW, I got my ticket from Atty. Donnarence of My Lucid Intervals. Thanks Donna, I owe this experience to you!
There were facial care and make-over, which I just enjoyed watching since the line was literally long on both stations. And of course lots of sweets, which I really like!
Games and photo booth (which I also didn't got the chance to experience *sob*) were on the other corner. Free MEG magazines were also given. Say hello to Betsy (the pink beetle car of Etude House)! :)
And of course a majestic PlayHouse wouldn't be complete without learning new things. There were a lot of nifty discussions which can help us gain confidence and enhance ourselves. Proper skin cleansing, exfoliating (which I learned should be done every other day acc. to Mr. Boram Kim and I was just exfoliating twice a week EEEEK! Atleast now I know!) and moisturizing was tackled first. Trend Summer Report, Personality Development Talk and Beauty Class were also held. Words that marked on me were "malgeum" which means clean and clear and "anorak" which is coat-like garments. All along I thought "anorak" was a term only used to describe someone who has an avid interest or expertise in something, didn't know it was used in fashion too. I also learned that applying clear nail polishes on accessories has benefit! (Pretty cool huh! Guilty of my limited knowledge on fashion and accessories! :p )
Beauty Queen Abigail Cruz; Emcee of the program
Mr. Boram Kim; Etudes Global Specialist
Left: Ms. L.A. Ferriols; MEG Magazine Fashion Assistant
Right: Ms. Ning Hilario; Beauty Editor of Meg Magazine

My Lucid Intervals, Kikay Trekkie, Lucky Citrine

So nice meeting her! Check out her blog! :)
I also saw more fellow bloggers but hadn't got the chance to take photo with them.
*Moi regrets!* Well, maybe next time ayt?!
Hey, I must say that these three in the photo all have wonderful skin (Oh boy! They're flawless!).

There was also two little pretty kiddies who approached me while I was sitting and asked for my number. I heard them saying Dela Cruz something but I hesitated to give my number thinking they were sent by a random guy. Later did it sink in my mind that I met few bloggers and maybe they were their kids, oh my my apologies if that's the case to whoever it is. I'm not a snob, just being careful.

Wanted to go for Day 2 to learn and meet more people but obviously I didn't make it since I woke up late. :p

CONGRATULATIONS on Etude House Philippines for reaching 100k LIKES on FB!
Hit the LIKE button now if you haven't yet! Aren't their items so kawaii?!
Not to mention their endorsers are much loved! My heart is still with Lee Minho! <3 Haha :)

Thank you so much for reading!


Got featured in Etude House newsletter! :)


  1. You're so lucky to win from ate donna's giveaway! I've been wanting to meet her ever since I read her blog! btw I love your outfit, it's so classic! :)

    1. Thank you! Yup, it's amazing that I was the second chosen winner since the first one didn't reply on her. Btw, she's beautiful! :)

  2. Aww. This is nice. :) I'm so envious!

    1. Thanks Breena! Hope you were there din so we can bond! :)

    2. Oo nga. :( Ang layo ng Davao. T_T You look pretty, btw. You remind me of Kim Nana from City Hunter. :)

  3. Hi Jannah! Ang pretty mo! (Kelangan ko lang sabihin.) :D It was super nice meeting you at the EH event. :)

    1. Aw thanks! Ikaw din kaya saka sis mo, you look so koreana! Hope to see you again next time! :)

  4. following your blog (thanks for the link Helen of Lucky Citrine)

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