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OCT HAUL (Sleek palette, CurlFormers, Nose Strip, Face Masks, Sponge, False Eyelashes)

This is my mini haul for this month. Nothing extravagant but they are absolutely worth keeping for me.
I’ll be posting my reviews for each one of them soon…
1. Sleek Palettes
This brand is not available locally. I got two palettes, why? I’ll let you know SOON.

Sleek palettes

2. CurlFormers
I’ll film a tutorial for this. I just need to buy a hair mousse. I’ll keep you updated :D

3. Face Masks
I use Face Mask once a week. Maybe twice if I really feel  ”toxic” or wasted.
Face Masks have different effects like antioxidant, moisturizing, brightening, anti-aging and etc.
Maximum effect is mostly seen after several months of continuous use.
I also like that they remove the dullness of my skin.
I use wide variety of brands. This one is the latest that I’ve tried. I also like the fact
that you can avail from Watsons Face Masks per box instead of paying P50-150 per piece.
So far, so good. No weird or any strong scent. It’s actually better
than what I’ve expected. Got this for just PHP 49 (Affordable noh? :D )
Watsons Face Mask in Green Tea
4. Nose Pore Strips
I honestly don’t use nose strip routinely. However this is an essential skin care.
I make sure to have them available on my vanity whenever I notice that my nose is getting
kinda “bumpy” already LOL. Lucky that my pores aren’t that much open. 
I also like this PureDerm than the iWhite nose pack. Based on experience, I can clearly
see my blackheads on the strip rather than on iWhite nose pack ( Sorry iWhite :/ ).  I’ll try to
see next week if I can show you how do I use this.
Purederm Nose Strips
5. Sponges for my foundation.

6. False Lashes
I just can’t get enough of false lashes. My fave are the crisscrossed ones :D
Lashes from Shawill are recommendable. P59 each (STEAL right?!)
I haven’t tried those lashes that comes in like 8 or 10 pairs/box. I buy mine individually because
I haven’t found a local seller /shop which sells the set of  false eyelashes that I like  per box . :(

Fasle Eyelashes from Shawill
That’s just everything for my mini haul this month.
Though I’ve bought few more beauty items, I find it better to just
share with you the unusual ones that I got. I’ll just include my other purchases
(undereye brightener, blush,liner, mascara and lippies) on my “comparison” blog posts so you can
fully appreciate them.
Thank you for reading my quick post for today.
Hope you still hang around with me next time! :)
P.S. Please give me MOTIVATION on pursuing my blogging
and YouTube filming. I want to share more but
I’d been so lazy this past few days. LOL :p
One more thing, Have you tried any of the mentioned
products above? I’d like to know your opinions on them! Let’s share thoughts! :D
Hope you have a nice day!
Take care!
Jannah <3


  1. I'm excited to see your tutorial on CurlFormers! i also want to try it.. Only few filipina YT guru/blogger do hair tutorials..

  2. I discovered Shawill falsies because of you and yeah I like it! I agree, it's so cheap, it's a dupe for faceshop falsies for 115 pesos! however, I don't like the glue that comes with Shawill falsies.

  3. I also dislike their glue, is that really a glue?! Hahaha! :)


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